Thursday, January 26, 2012


 On Christmas morning our children woke up to one of those giant cardboard castles sitting by the tree.  They spent almost the entire day playing with it and coloring on it (then my sisters and I spent a lot of time coloring it at night when they were asleep...).

I'm actually surprised the castle is still standing after a month, but Luke has recently discovered it and decided it is AWESOME.  This morning after breakfast he crawled in there as fast as his fat little haunches could take him, quickly joined by Jules and Isaac (who proceeded to dress him up).


Anonymous said...

Sooooo CUTE!!!!!!
Love, Aunt Pam

Liebe Libby Lebih said...

I want one of those!

Anonymous said...

How the generations progress. Your children play in a cardboard castle, you played in the cardboard box. My parents couldn't afford a cardboard box. Your grand children will probably play in the castle itself.

Cute kids,


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