Thursday, January 12, 2012

more upbeat

So here's something more positive than my griping about the treadmill--one of my good friends from grad school is getting ready to release his novel entitled Vodnik, set in Slovakia (cool fact:  his wife is from Slovakia).  I don't usually blog about things like this, but in this case I am because
1) Bryce is one of my favorite people when I look back on grad school (especially because he, Rachel, and I spent some very long plane rides together and you just sort of like people after you spend a zillion hours in the airport to/from conferences--at one point we even made up dopey nicknames for the three of us) and
2) I wish I was doing this sort of thing, and Bryce is, so I am happy to promote his novel.  Plus it sounds really cool (and Brandon Sanderson likes it!  And I love Brandon Sanderson's books).

Go here to find out more about the novel itself and the contest Bryce is running for an ARC.


Mary Beth said...

I haven't heard of this guy or his book before, but I have heard quite a lot about the publishing imprint he's with--Tu Books, which has just begin publishing multicultural fantasy. (Audrey knows the editor, Stacy Whitman, and was actually one of the donors when the company was first trying to get off the ground here in Utah.) I've been keeping an eye on their line, and now I'm even more excited. Putting this book on my Amazon to-buy list!

Bryce Moore said...

Thanks, Rachael. I miss going to PCA/ACA with you. Those plane rides . . . (In all honesty, there are plenty of people out there who I think might have driven me crazy after zillions of hours on a plane. Thankfully, you and Rachel are not in that category.)

Are you going to Boston this year?

Rachel Mae said...

How cool for Bryce! He was always such a dedicated writer even when he had a lot of other stuff going on. I'm glad it has paid off for him!

And, yes, fun times on the plane--and the conferences. Miss those days.

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