Wednesday, January 11, 2012

this post is just for Elise and Sarah

A few weeks back a little box arrived in the mail with four delightful gnome hats inside knitted by my dear friend Jen.  Are these not the cutest little hats ever?  (And don't you love Juliet's expression?  She calls it "my cute face.")

Perennial excuse, but real life is just crowding out my blog.  I actually had to put "blog" on my to-do list today (thanks for the Facebook nudge, Elise & Sarah!).  Along with everything else, potty-training Isaac is eating a fair amount of time, and I'm teaching 2 classes this semester, and I'm starting to build my endurance base for marathon training.  And I have children and a house and a husband who all need love and attention.  My daydreams these days (when I have time for them!) all revolve around having an hour to myself with nothing to do but plan out my life and really figure out what's most important to me.  What? New Year's Resolutions? What?  I hope I have time to sit down and figure those out from the bajillion ideas rocketing around my head. Some time.  Maybe that will be my goal--find time to make more goals.  Right now I am mostly just trying to get more sleep at night and get up earlier so that I can be more on top of things.  So far so good.

In any case, quick quick updates.

Abigail--I am so, so proud of my girl these days.  She has just had this night and day behavior change (I am really hoping it's tied to a new growth phase and not just because she hasn't been in school over the winter break, because that makes me worry about school).  She came to me one day a couple of weeks ago and confessed some things that had been bothering her, and since then she's come up with quite a few more.  Everything is so small that it would seem trivial in the "real world" (like she took a piece of candy from the car stash when we were on vacation without asking me first) but it is so meaningful to her--and I won't write any more here about it because she is quite sensitive about it.  We've spent quite a bit of time working through everything and resolving it and making apologies and restitution.  It has been hard and scary for her, and I am so proud of her for not only telling me about these things and wanting to make them right, but following through on it--it's scary to have to go up to someone outside your family with something like that!  She has been so brave, and it is so neat to see the development of her conscience.  Along with this she's also become much more aware of herself as an example to her sister and brothers, and she has become much more responsible lately.  I am SO PROUD OF HER!  I can't say this enough.

On a similar note, Juliet has really been stepping up.  She still has crazy four-year-old days (as does Abigail), but she has been telling me lately, "I need to learn to do ____ so I can do it when I am a mommy" and then she proceeds to do whatever it is.  Case in point:  yesterday while I was nursing Luke, Isaac went to the bathroom in his little potty, and she cleaned it out, gave him potty treats, and then got him a regular snack when he said he was hungry.  I came out when I finished with Luke and she was so nonchalant about it all!  And today when I was sweeping the floor she ran and got her little broom and said, "Mommy, you need to let me practice this kind of thing."  I honestly don't know what I would do without Juliet & Abigail's helpfulness--they feed Luke his dinner while I'm cooking, they fold laundry, pick up toys, entertain Isaac when he's going crazy--they are still normal little children and not 100% angelic, but they are just great these days (we have a bunch of new behavior systems too, so maybe that's part of it.  And I completely reorganized half of my kitchen so that they can access all of their dishes, which has made a big difference in their independence and ability to do things like set the table and empty the dishwasher).

Isaac is potty-training, and he is two, and he thinks that he can exist on air alone.  He is still my sweet cuddly boy (he sat on my lap today for an hour without moving while I was visiting-teaching) but he is definitely moving into the independence of being two and a half.  He talks nonstop and he is obsessed--absolutely obsessed--with everything dinosaurs.  He is so infuriating and delightful at the same time.  Which means--he is two!  (Have I said that enough?)

And Luke--my sweet fat grumpy mama's boy Luke--is sitting on my lap informing me that he is hungry, and will i please do something about it, and he's going to have his own little post tomorrow, so you'll have to read about him then.  Plus Jooj is waiting for me to read to her, and I have a to-do list a mile long, so that's all you get today!  Although I do feel bad about how much this blog has gone downhill in the last couple of years--I think we're drawing ever nearer to its eventual demise.


Meghan said...

No! No blog demise! The marathon cannot crowd out the blog. Just run in place in front of the keyboard.

Elise said...

you CANNOT let your blog die. i saw the title of your post and jumped up and ran back to my bedroom but Sarah was already asleep. but they are so cute!! and so great to hear about how they are growing. I'm looking forward to Luke's post! love you!

Elise said...

also...i finally made it into Mom's picture. although, I think that the only thing you can see is my hair.

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