Tuesday, February 14, 2012

9 month (give or take) Valentine baby

It seems like I just wrote about Luke being 8 months old!  I suppose that's a side effect of only blogging once a week or so.

In any case, Luke hit the 9-month mark a few days ago, and we went to the doctor for his checkup today, which makes it feel official.  He's 29.5 inches tall and weighs 21 lbs 8 oz (finally, he's starting to slow down on the weight gain--thank goodness because my arms and back can't take much more).  And he is delicious and happy and sunshiny.  He's crawling like lightning, pulling up on everything in sight (unfortunately he is fascinated with the fireplace) and he always seems to be sporting a big bruise on his face due to his adventures in mobility.  We've seen him stand on his own a time or two and he's starting to think about cruising along on the furniture.  He's got six little toothums and he loves feeding himself (bananas, Cheddar cheese, and scrambled eggs are the current favorites).  He's mostly down to two naps a day (although he takes the occasional evening nap) and sleeps a good 12 hours or so at night (would that it was completely uninterrupted, but I think that's the nature of the game when you have three older siblings who are going to the bathroom and having nightmares and losing stuffed animals in their pajamas and the like).

 Isaac is starting to feel not so friendly towards Luke this days, since Luke can now destroy Isaac's careful train tracks or Lincoln Log houses--I hear a lot of "No, Yukey, NOOOO" and then a wail from Luke.  We're working on that.

It seems like our boys like me a lot more as babies than the girls did (before they get old enough that they all prefer Daddy).  Luke calls "Mamamamamama" when he can't see me and crawls rapidly until he finds me again, then breaks into a big grin and whacks his arms up and down in his version of joy.  It's pretty cute.

And here we have that perennial baby favorite, the dishwasher.  I wonder if I will ever put paring knives in the dishwasher again, or if my children will have me so well-trained that I won't even consider it when they're in their thirties (I guess I just need to mentally resign myself to hand-washing them along with all my really good knives).
 Last night after Family Home Evening we did a Valentine's scavenger hunt.  I had made some scratch-off clues (so easy:  write your text, then cover it with packing tape, then paint over it with a mixture of 2 parts metallic paint to 1 part dish soap, and let it dry) and hid them around the house.  The girls thought the scratch-off was the neatest thing ever (Isaac didn't care one bit) until they got to the final spot and found the dryer full of new books!  I had SO much fun picking these out and the children were overjoyed.  We stayed up late reading them all (although Juliet is waiting for me on the couch right now with this one).

Hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day!  We are all so sick here (still!! I keep thinking we're done and then it comes back with a vengeance--sorry to everyone my kids have breathed on in the last week!), but I'm trying to make the best of it and make it fun anyway.  Thank goodness for Tylenol.  And for chocolate, because that flourless chocolate torte I am making for dinner tonight is practically a panacea for all ailments.


Meghan said...

Such cute kiddos! I hope you all get well in the next day, so you will have energy and enthusiasm to come up here!

Elise said...

what a great post! not only was i excited to see a new post with lots of pictures, but a long one! it was a great treat for me, thank you!! :)

Elise said...

And you are such a beautiful mother! (are those the earrings Ruth gave you?)

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