Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I call the little one "Bitey"

So those teeth that Luke sprouted?  He figured out how to use them.  Yeowch!  Here's hoping that the fascination with biting passes quickly.

Remember the other night when we were reading Robin Hood? (which, come to think of it, is actually what Neil is doing in this picture--also, notice that Juliet and I are wearing the exact same shirt, thanks to my brother-in-law Jordan's business! Actually I think my entire family has a substantial amount of Qualtrics logos in their wardrobe, so we're in good company).

Anyway...Robin Hood was a hit.  The children spent the next few days jumping off various bits of furniture (masquerading as trees) onto innocent stuffed animals (the Sheriff of Nottingham) and shooting their hosta-stalk-arrows with their Christmas tree-limb bows.  Good times (even if I did have to pick tin foil out of Luke's mouth after Isaac peeled it off his sword and left it out for Luke).

 They did ask me to be the Sheriff, but after Abigail finished dressing me up she said, "Oh man!  This won't work!  You just look like a pretty lady in a cloak, not a bad guy at all!"

So the game ended (at least for me) on a high note.  :-)


beapinkal said...

Rachael! i need to ask this because i'm so curious:) where did you get that qualtrics shirt???:) my husband works at qualtrics and i remember we got that shirt last summer for the Stadium of Fire party. Sorry, i had to ask:):)

Rachael said...

Bea, my brother-in-law works there, so I'm sure they know each other! His name is Jordan Plater.

Elise said...

Rachael, I love that picture of you and Luke---so cute!

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