Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"library building" is its own category in our budget

 Today at dinner Abigail said, "When I grow up, do I have to work?  Or can someone just mail me money for food so I can sit around and read books all day?"

We talked about various book-related careers, like publishers, authors, editors, book critics--all were met with a curled lip and look of dismay from Abigail.

"No, not those things," she explained patiently.  "I just want to sit around and read books all day."

Wouldn't we all, child, wouldn't we all.

ps--I love the fact that I was able to snap every single one of these pictures on the same day.  those are my chickens--but let's hope they grow up to have better self-control than their mother about reading into the wee hours.


Mary Beth said...

Oh Abigail, I sympathize. SO MUCH. Especially now that I am looking for a real job and discovering that I really don't want to work--I just want to read books and occasionally write them. But no one will pay me to do that either.

Jolena said...

I long for the day this can be a part of my budget! In fact, I long for the day when the money coming in is greater than the money going out, so that let's of budget items will be possible. :) Here's to reading as much as possible! I've been having a general feeling of nervousness lately because I have so much more time to read that I feel like I might run out of books I like. What kind of crazy person worries about that? Ha ha!

Meghan said...

Isn't that why we majored in English? So we could just read?

Gretta Whalen said...

I say the exact same thing to my husband and anyone else who asks me what I'm going to do when I'm done with grad school.

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