Thursday, February 02, 2012

pretty much perfect

Today is shaping up to be an awesome day, and this is why:
  • We are celebrating Groundhog Day à la française as Chandeleur, which means masses of crêpes for dinner.  AWESOME.
  • Jules and Isaac both had a friend over today, and it was the most perfect playdate--the kids got on so well and had so much fun, and I had a lot of fun with them.  I've felt a little guilty for not doing more playdates for Juliet; I've been thinking that she didn't really need them with siblings and preschool, but she was so overjoyed to have a friend her age with the same interests.  That poor girl practically got hugged and best-friended to death (fortunately she was so sweet about it!)
  • My knee is continuing to improve--I saw the physical therapist again yesterday and things are looking good (they better be because I'm spending 45 minutes every day on those dang exercises!  My last four runs have been pain-free and this is so, so, so amazing to me.
  • My new treadmill arrived today!!  So excited.  I did end up ordering another one from Smooth Fitness, despite the previous debacle--they gave me an amazing deal on one of their high-end treadmills (with a 7-year warranty so this one should last a lot longer even if I do my best to run it into the ground again...).  I was so not thrilled during that mess and it was really stressful, but my experience is that expressing your frustration via social media = much better customer service.  Kind of sad, but true.
  • The weather is still beautiful.  Usually February here means you literally cannot be outside with unprotected skin, but it's breezy and sunny and warm right now.  Beautiful (a little disturbing, but still beautiful).
  • Abigail had a 2-hour delay this morning due to fog.  We read lots of stories and were very leisurely all morning.  She cleaned out and reorganized her drawers (one of her favorite things to do.  Yes, she is so her mother's child).  
  • Isaac is a potty-training rock star!  We've gone through probably 150 bags of fruit snacks in the last month, but it's worth it (he has amazing sphincter control is all I'm saying.  I know nobody else that can clear their colon on demand--for a bag of fruit snacks as reward--the way he can).  
  • I am completely caught up on grading.  Awesome feeling.  I hate grading.
  • My house stayed surprisingly clean this morning because the children were performing an extended ballet of The Nutcracker.
  • It's naptime and I have nothing that I really have to do other than snuggle with Jooj and read stories.  Best feeling ever.
  • I spent an hour yesterday picking out some new books for the kiddos for Valentine's Day.  I can't wait to see their faces.  Plus the girls and I have this whole line-up of crafts we're planning to make (we're thinking of doing these for their classes).  Yay! 
  • My federal and state tax return have both been accepted.  Double yay!
  • Not today, but last night Abigail and Juliet both ate every scrap of their dinner without a word of complaint, thanked me politely for making "such a delicious dinner," and cleared their dishes without being asked (it was nothing special:  black bean chili, cornbread, and baby carrots).  I was flabbergasted but it was a lovely way to start the evening (we lit a fire and read a bit from Howard Pyle's The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood before tucking the kids in).  
  • Yesterday someone asked me how many children I had and then when I said four asked me if I had a housekeeper.  I laughed and said no and she was completely amazed.  Today the treadmill delivery guy asked me if I was babysitting.  I said, no, they are all mine and one is at school.  He raised his eyebrows and told me good luck.  I laughed at both of these, but really, I am so grateful for my children (even if I may never get another good night's sleep...ever...ever...again).  They are the delight of my life.  (And some day when we have our last baby, I am going to get this necklace, because that is exactly how I feel--my hands are almost as full as my heart).  


Elise said...

this makes me want to come visit you right now. wait, every post does that!!

Melanie said...

So glad the playdate was a success. After I return the favor to you, I insist that our next visit be not of the drop-off variety.

And I adore the necklace- what a perfect response to all those strangers who feel the need to comment that "you sure do have your hands full!"

Anonymous said...

Any chance you'd be willing to do a post on those stretches, please?

Rachael said...

Anonymous--do you mean the ones for my knee? Just shoot me an email and I can give you more info.

Andrea said...

We'll have to give Robin Hood a try! What version do you have? Is there a good illustrated version?

Rachael said...

Andrea, we have an enormous version with annotations--it's not super kid-friendly, actually. I don't know if there's a good illustrated one out there, but I'm sure there is! This one is a little old for our kids right now, but it's the one I grew up with, so I think they will really enjoy it in another couple of years (they did spend the entire next afternoon playing Robin Hood).

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