Friday, February 17, 2012

this day is better

Thank you all so, so, so much for your comments and emails about that last post.  I appreciated each and every one of them--and your sage advice and wisdom and commiseration--so much.  I feel lucky to have all of you!

And as we're starting to get over this awful bug, I feel like life is brighter (surprise, surprise, right?)  Things seem possible again.

The picture above is one of Isaac two years ago this month--he is getting so big so fast and my heart has been really--tender? Is that the right word? but so full of love for this little boy-who-is-not-so-little.  He can put on his own clothes and fasten his own shoes and put on his own coat (although he still asks me to "zip me up all the way home").  He calls me "honey" now instead of "Mommy."  He loves to be tucked in and say his prayers every chance he gets, and he likes to "seep wif dah seepsin" (sleep with the sheepskin) because "dat's sumpfin big boys do."  He's suddenly interested in trains and trucks and "tanz-formers," with a special spot in his heart for "diggers" and "dass a weelly big twackter!" and he loves to pretend like he's a dinosaur, either a T-rex or a "tri-scary-tops."  When I go into the kitchen, he runs after me, pulls a chair up to the counter, and says expectantly, "What we makin'?  Can I stir it wif my poon?"  He still loves his bear and tenderly changes its diaper about 100x a day.  And today I caught him "playing" with "Yookey," who was crawling across the floor and did NOT want to play horsey with Luke as the horse and Isaac as the cowboy ("but honey, he is dust cwalling and I fink he wanssa play hossie wif me but den he cwies when I sit on him...").

And that second picture is Isaac just a few days ago, after he did his patented Isaac happy-the-food-is-out-of-the-oven dance.  I love this boy and his crazy dancing--tonight we were out and he and Jules both went to the bathroom, and he finished first so I suggested he dance while we waited (so he wouldn't touch all the nasty public restroom things; I am a total germophobe) and he just went crazy with his own awesome moves and sound effects.  I love this boy so so so so much.


Elise said...

glad it's so much better! and i love the snapshots of conversations with Isaac--so cute!

Jen said...

Pretty sure you need to post a video of Isaac dancing. Little kids rocking out is my favorite thing ever.

Also, I'm glad to hear things are getting better. I should email you. We should talk. Something.

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