Wednesday, February 29, 2012


 We have seriously had the craziest winter here--most Februaries there's a severe weather warning and you're not supposed to outside with exposed skin for longer than a minute.  School is routinely canceled for severe cold; even the university has shut down a time or two.  We've had days where we were snowed in with three or four feet.

This year we haven't even had enough snow to scrape together a gnome-sized snowman.  And today it was 65 degrees!  Wild, I tell you.

But actually the warm weather was a boon today (although I'm worried about the fruit trees and what this means for our weather this summer).  Luke was up (seemingly) all night with a cold and I was feeling groggy and unimaginative (see the first picture inside of miserable baby, and then the second outside of happy baby!).  Sunshine and breezy beautifulness was just what we needed to perk up.

And just for comparison's sake, here's a picture of the boys a month ago that I found on my camera in a weird hidden file.


 We pretty much lived outside today, pot-bellies and all.  It was awesome. (I do have a picture of Isaac naked from the waist down just hanging out enjoying the sun, but I'll spare you that one).  

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Elise said...

Luke is SO cute in that picture outside on the swing! and i love the picture of Isaac's potbelly :) Thanks for posting again!!! it always makes my day. Seriously.

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