Monday, February 20, 2012


This weekend we were planning to go visit my parents, but because we looked like this: 

we decided not to go.  And I was sooo sad about it!  So incredibly sad.  I had been looking forward to it so much, since we hadn't visited up there since Thanksgiving, and my sweet parents took their health in their hands and drove down to see us for the day on Saturday.  It was lovely and delightful and we ate good food and now I really hope they don't get sick.
And my mom didn't sleep the whole time or anything, but she looked so cute taking a nap that I had to take a picture of her.  And my boys were, as always, fascinated by those crazy technological devices that we don't have (my parents just got iPhones and wow, those are pretty awesome.  Too bad we just have a prepaid emergency cellphone somewhere in our house that I only find when we are driving across the country).

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Elise said...

my dad=the Silver Fox. and what cute kids! i'm so happy you guys got to visit together this weekend even though you were sick!

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