Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Abigail is seven!

 Seven!  I can hardly believe it.  And while I wish I had the time to beautifully format this post, I have negative two minutes until I need to start making dinner, Isaac is sitting on the computer desk, Luke is eating my chapstick (which is keeping him from smashing the keyboard--dang kid is too tall already!), etc.  Now look how much time I just wasted typing all of that...

In any case, Abigail's long-awaited birthday finally arrived.  I was a little nervous about it because she really wanted a Harry Potter party, but then decided she wanted to go camping--so we were planning for that, and then it was POURING rain, and so incredibly cold!  So when her prayers started including things like, "please make this the best day ever ever ever of my entire life..."--kind of a goodly amount of pressure.

We ended up with the following plan:
1) go out for dinner to her very favorite place the night before her birthday
2) open presents over her favorite breakfast
3) have a "fancy dinner" the night of
4) and go to the tiny little zoo the day after.

I put Neil in charge of the camera during the birthday dinner.  Do you like our awesome photos?  (No candle-blowing photos!  But he did take a video of the candle-blowing, which features me saying things like, "Neil!  You're not singing!  Start singing!" in a harried fishwife-like tone).

Kitchen chemistry post-festivities (isn't the best part always playing with the presents?) Tonight we're making rock candy (tonight, and tomorrow, and for the next several weeks...I don't think it's quite sunk in for the kids when I say "it's going to take a long time").

 And one more with the birthday banner my mom made for me--Abigail was getting kind of impatient for the presents at this point, which is why we have that frozen deer-in-headlights-I-am-sick-of-you-saying-just-one-more look...

And last but not least, since Abigail shares a birthday with Adolf Hitler, I thought it appropriate to include this one, which is my best effort to keep Isaac from ripping at his owie...


Kayli said...

Happy birthday to Abigail who is beautiful! But I have to say that totally laughed at 'harried fishwife-like tone.' Ha ha ha!!!

Elise said...

Abigail looks so grown up!! Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a nearly perfect day. There will be other days for camping Harried Potter. Great to enjoy where you are.

Love you all dud

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