Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dinner theater, take 2

 I was asked to perform in the ward youth fundraising dinner theater again (more about last time here and here). It was much less stressful this time; we did a Family Feud theme with heroes vs. villains.  No weeks of practicing, memorizing lots of lines, and mingling with audience members (okay, so maybe it helped that I wasn't five months pregnant!).
 The first night was a little bumpy, and frankly we were about a hundred times better the second night (so apologies if you came the first night)--we figured out what jokes were working well and which ones needed some finessing, and we worked in a lot more interaction within the teams and between the teams.  It was much more fun for us and for the audience.

I really enjoyed my costume this time--the dress was super comfortable (thanks, Libby!), the gold-tipped fake eyelashes were SO fabulous (thanks, Loni!), my little Dalmatian puppy carried Twizzlers (my replacement for Cruella's trademark cigarettes) in its collar (thanks, Niki!), my beads were fun to play with (thanks, Jayda!) and my wig was SO GREAT because I didn't have to do my hair (thanks, Amazon Prime!).

I am seriously thinking that we could have the best Halloween party ever next year.  Ever.  (Check out Xena's costume--she made it out of a purse and a leather skirt.)



Meghan said...

So glad you have fun! And it's nice to dress up in gold-tipped eyelashes every now and then.

la Liberté said...

Do your kids wish you would wear that wig all the time? I bet they'd love to have Cruella Deville as their mother! I agree that the second night was a gazillion times better. More fun for everyone. You know, that dress looks way better on you than on me; I'm of half a mind to tell you to keep it, honestly!

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