Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter weekend

 This post is made possible solely by the fact that Isaac is sitting on my lap while I simultaneously read to him & upload pictures (I'm typing only when he runs to the bookcase to get some new books).  So we'll be short on words.

This past weekend we went up to visit my family in Michigan.  We had the most perfect visit, complete with a trip to the local (fabulous! how have I never been there before?!) museum, an egg hunt in the woods, a fire whereon we tried to roast Peeps (not as fun as the microwave, but fun enough), tons of fabulous food (like my dad's 4 different types of muffins that he baked for breakfast on Saturday, and from which we munched all weekend, and my mom's awesome asparagus stir-fry Friday night and wonderful Sunday brunch--which included orange rolls, so be jealous, sisters mine), wonderful visits with my grandparents, a twilight run through the woods on my very favorite trail with Neil (and we even squeezed in a late-night date to see The Hunger Games). The whole weekend was so wonderful and (and I cried a little on the way home because I was so sad to leave).

A couple of shots from the museum--we built an enormous structure out of those cool building blocks, and Isaac and Abigail totally cracked me up in this picture--both of them look so funny.
 My grandmother and Luke, and (below) one of my all-time favorite Isaac shots.

 girls hiding in the fort I built for them...
 and my dad and Luke.
I have so many things I could blog about, so we'll see if we get the time.  Mostly my heart has been very full lately.  It's been an interesting and very emotional month.  


Kathryn said...

Looks like a fun weekend! Did you like The Hunger Games? I loved it! Colt and I saw it last week for my birthday. I'll admit to tearing up a bit.

Clean Teen Fiction

Rachael said...

Kathryn, I really enjoyed it (after the jerky camera part was over!). And I totally cried through half the movie!

Elise said...

thank you so much for posting!!! i love this post and it is so great to see more pictures!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures!!!!! Thanks for sharing your Easter holiday!!!!
Aunt Pam

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