Thursday, April 26, 2012

Home tour: Living room

 Continuing with the home tour I started last week, here are some shots of the living room.  This is another room that I really love because it is so huge!  There's a vaulted ceiling, which always makes this room feel big and airy, and then the room itself is quite large.  (I must also say that the color looks very odd in these pictures--it's much more beige than yellow in real life).  I'm also posting more photos than I normally would because this room connects on to so many parts of the house.

I love the floorplan of this house, and this room is one of my favorite parts.  I never feel shut away from the children; everything is so open and it flows really well for parties with the oversized doorways leading off it (plus we can pack in a ton of people without feeling too cramped--we had 25 people for dinner a few weeks ago when some old friends visited).  I like being able to work in the kitchen and still carry on a conversation with someone who is sitting on the living-room couch.  And the fireplace is so fun--in the winter we light it and lay on the sheepskin rug and read stories together.  All very cozy and snug.

The view below is the one from our front door; I'm standing on the red rug here that you'll see in  last week's photos.  The library is directly to your left through a double-wide framed opening.  The doorway opening just past the bench (which Neil built as an anniversary gift for me a few years ago) leads to the children's bedrooms.  I'd also say that the color of the walls in this picture is the most true to life.

The view above is taken from the doorway that leads to the kitchen/garage/laundry room/master suite (haha, it sounds so much cooler when I call it a "suite").
And the view below is taken from the opposite doorway (leading to the children's rooms).  You can spot the cut-through window over the kitchen sink and the kitchen eating area just on the other side of that low divider wall.  
 And a better shot, straight on...

 And lastly, a view standing on the fireplace, looking towards the front door and showing the second connecting doorway into the library (and a beautifully erased spot where our last name is hanging on a wall plaque).


Meghan said...

Beautiful! But I think you should have included a front-end shot of the bench with all its little cubbies. Definitely a great asset for keeping the entry way clear of shoes and mittens and hats easily available.

Elise said...

I love your house! what is the picture hung by the picture of Christ in the living room? it looks like a piece of artwork from one of the kids...

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