Thursday, April 19, 2012

My real-life home

Lately I've been noticing a ton of "real-life homes" or "living with kids" homes featured on popular blogs.  I love this idea in theory, but in practice I've noticed a couple of commonalities:

1) As a general rule, there are no more than two children in these families (most have one, and usually a toddler)
2) Most of the women whose homes are featured are either interior decorators, have a degree in design, or are world travelers.

Sometimes I like looking at these, but more often I think, um, these really have no relation to my life and what's possible on my budget and with my family size.  I'm more interested in seeing the homes of other families in my same stage, rather than the beautiful kitchen renovations or artful flea-market finds of someone who has hours to endlessly curate and edit their home.

Maybe I'm alone here, case I'm not, I'm going to start a new series posting images from my humble little home, where we live with four children on a grad student stipend.  My rule for these photos is that I could tidy up, but not rearrange or make new purchases or paint or whatnot.  This is the house we live in!  And on that note, we're going to be putting our house up for sale in the next year, so I would LOVE any feedback on things to change or keep.  :-)  I must confess as I'm posting these I've noticed a large number of things I'd like to redo!

I'm going to skip showing you exterior shots for privacy reasons, so we'll start with the library, which is the room where we spend probably 85% of our play time.  It was designed to be a formal dining room, but it works best for us as another active living space.

 Things I love about this room:

  • the futon, which I bought for $30 and sewed a cover for myself (was that ever a learning experience!)
  • bookcases galore.  The kids usually sprawl out here with an enormous pile of books and totally zone out.
  • great light--in the spring when the crabapple is in flower, all of the light filtering in is this gorgeous pink.  This room is always sunny and warm and delightful year-round.
  • the globe, which is from my childhood and shows Russia as a single country.  :-)
  • the vintage rocking horse, which was from my grandfather--my kids LOVE to play on this but it always ends up being a bone of contention!  Fortunately I love the way it looks as a decor piece and we get it down every month or so to actually play with.
  • Clean lines--I hate visual clutter and this room really appeals to me with its (deliberately) symmetrical arrangement.


Mary Beth said...

I've always loved the view towards the window--the long red curtains framing the tree outside, the blue and white futon with the red cushions tying back in with the curtains, and (usually) a kid on the futon with a book!

Elise said...

and it's a great bed for guests :)

Jolena said...

Such a great idea! I like your view on the ones online. So true. Who has time or money or the wherewithal to have houses like the home tours I always see?! They all have far too many things little kids can pull down and destroy. And I like this room. The futon is a great idea. We only have one general purpose room at the moment, but hopefully we'll get a bit bigger house next go at it and have options like this.

Laura said...

I love it! I agree - I've been skipping an awful lot of "living with kids" type posts lately. Three cheers for real homes.

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