Sunday, April 15, 2012

snippets of a day last week

Trying to assuage some of the guilt I feel about not blogging regularly by snatching a quick three minutes for three snapshots from last Tuesday while I wait for Neil to finish up.  Expect more posts at some point as we had friends in town this weekend + I have a new series planned that I'm kind of excited about.

1. A meal I made last week that incorporates some of my favorite things:  this really heavenly quinoa salad, grilled asparagus (don't worry, I ate like 10 more), rosemary rolls, and yummy cheese--in this case it was dilled garlic cheddar and applewood-smoked Gouda.  Yum!

2. My Isaac, who is still just as in love as ever with helping me to cook.  Jooj and Abigail take turns being "before-dinner helper" and "after-dinner helper" and Isaac always gets kind of huffy about the before-dinner helper moving in on his territory.

3.  Last week I was scrubbing cabinets and Jules wanted to help.  She sloshed suds around joyously as she washed the chairs, then asked me sweetly if she could wash the floor.  I think she had the time of her life (especially since she asked me the next day if we could do it again), and the floor was very clean after I mopped up the half-inch of standing water (tidal waves! in action!).


Mary Beth said...

Oh, so cute! I love their joyous little expressions, Isaac so excited and Jules so pleased. Thanks for sharing!

Elise said...

such pretty happy little kids. Love you! (and I want to see a picture of Abigail's glasses!)

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