Tuesday, April 17, 2012

wholesome recreational activities

We've discovered a park just a few miles from our home (I can't believe we're just now finding this!) that has become a huge favorite.  The children always seem to run through the woods without stopping, whereas they drag and complain if we walk around the sidewalk in our neighborhood--something about the allure of that ever-winding path.

Also--I love this picture of Neil.

 Poor Isaac took a pretty bad spill at the very end--those are tear tracks in the dirt on his face.

But he perked up, bloody bruises and all, at the prospect of a climbing tree!


Elise said...

how are they all so dang cute? and big?

Anonymous said...

Fun times!!! A walk in the woods is always so refreshing!!!!!
Aunt Pam

la Liberté said...

Which park is this?

Melanie said...

I second Libby- where is this magical place? We must go!

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