Monday, May 07, 2012

Juliet's preschool program(s)

 Juliet is just about done with preschool this year--only a few more days!  She's looking forward to the end-of-year picnic, but I think she's really going to miss seeing her little friends three times a week.

She's had three preschool programs this year where she sang a selection of songs with her class--so embarrassing that I haven't posted the Thanksgiving and Christmas ones yet, but hey, now they're all together, right?  (Thanks to my friend Melanie for the snapshots of the Thanksgiving program!)

I am so glad that Jules did preschool this year--I really went back and forth about it, but she has absolutely loved it.  She is WAY more into arts & crafts than she was at the beginning of the year (they do an art project every single day) and she spends 80% of her free time at home coloring, painting, drawing, cutting & pasting, etc.

walking up with her jingle bell during the Christmas program

All their little eyes are glowing--kind of freaky but strangely amusing at the same time.  Amusing enough that I didn't bother editing it out.

 Juliet's teachers have commented to me several times on how Jules is friends with everyone in her class--they said she drifts easily between groups at playtimes and is always kind to all of the other children. They've also commented on what a good little singer she is--one of her teachers told me that Juliet is often singing a solo when they do singing time!--and she came home one day happily wearing a "Awesome Singer" award.

singing with great gusto during last Friday's spring program

In the past year, Juliet has become much more responsible, independent, and careful about asking permission (when she's unsure whether something is okay).  I often find her doing something like picking up toys unasked, sweeping thekitchen floor, or playing with Luke when he is fussing, and she looks up at me with her big hazel eyes and says happily, "I'm just practicing for when I'm a mommy!"  Today at the grocery store she was kind of grumpy about getting in the car, so I asked her if she could buckle Isaac up and practice being a mommy, and she was instantly all smiles.  She is such a sweetheart and I love seeing her happy little sunshiny face looking for someone to help and something kind to do.
Jules with her teachers, Miss Dee and Miss Lori

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