Tuesday, May 08, 2012

whiling away the golden evening

 Last week Neil and Abigail were out on a date, so the younger three and I went out to enjoy the balmy evening.  Jules was especially excited because Neil had just replaced the tubes in her bike's tires, so she could ride again!  Yay!

Luke was especially excited because there was chalk! Chalk!  And you can EAT chalk!!  (I love his funny way of crawling--he does this about 1/3 of the time...another 1/3 he crawls with one knee down and one leg straight, and the other 1/3 is the regular both knees deal.  that kid is darling.)
 Isaac, who is always our rule-follower where Luke is concerned (ironic because Isaac is also our most stubborn and will-not-negotiate-and-does-his-own-thing kid) totally panicked when he saw Luke heading for the chalk, and refused to let him get anywhere near.

Which, as you can see, did not sit so well with Luke.
 So he headed for greener pastures.

Speaking of Isaac's independent little personality, we have a fairly steep driveway--steep enough that neither of the girls will bike down it, and I walk my bike down when I'm pulling the bike trailer with the kids inside.

Isaac, however, thinks it is the COOLEST THING EVER to ride in his little car from the top of our driveway all the way down--he goes flying out, zooms across the road, and finally loses momentum partway up our neighbor's driveway across the street.  He did this over and over again, chortling with glee each time. Can't you tell from his little face how much he loves this?!  Honestly, the first time I saw him do it I didn't think he'd ever do it again (he was going crazy fast!), but no, he pushed his car back up over and over again as long as I let him stay outside!

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Elise said...

that first picture of Juliet is SO pretty.

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