Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Until the summer I turned nine, my family lived in northeastern Ohio waaaayy out in the woods on a lonely gravel road (after that we moved closer to town, but we still had an extremely long gravel driveway, down which I once crawled after jamming my bike pedal through the side of my foot).  It was seriously paradise for little kids (we had 18 acres or so, which included pasture for our horse Pancake, our you-know-where they're headed pigs [with names like Sir Francis Bacon and Olivia de Roast], rabbits, cats, and a garden that--in my memory--was bigger than the horse pasture.  I loved loved loved it (I was young enough that minor inconveniences like the lack of air conditioning or the half-hour drive to the nearest grocery store never really registered).  But since we were in the eastern half of the US, we alternated our trips out west to see family with trips to the southeast.  We spent a lot of time on the Carolina coast, and made several trips to the Smokies.  Since my birthday is in July, most of my birthdays were spent on vacation (which was usually really awesome, like the time we went to Dollywood for my 9th birthday and my mom made me a cake which was slanted by the weird angle of the mountaintop cabin's oven--but was sometimes a let-down, like the year I turned 16 and our Maine whale-watching trip got canceled due to lousy weather.  But I got over it in the process of roasting lobster over a campfire).  (Have you had enough parenthetical asides yet?  Maybe I should just write a memoir already.)

Anyway.  I remember the Smokies with great fondness, and in re-reading my journal, I thought it would be fun to take a trip there with our little family, and we were thrilled to have my parents and my sister Mary Beth join us.  And one of my most vivid memories is driving go-karts through the misty twilight of Pigeon Forge (I even remember that I was wearing my favorite blue Patagonia fleece jacket).

So go-karting we went.  And I have to say--I think my kids are going to remember it with just as much joy as I do (all pictures courtesy of my parents' iPhones).

So notice how Abigail is riding with Neil, and Juliet is riding with my sister Mary Beth, and Isaac is riding with my dad, and I am alone?  Guess who nobody wanted to ride with.  (That's also how I had my own room in middle school and high school.  Poor lonely me.  But my go-kart went faster than everyone else's!)

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Elise said...

oh, was it possible to share a room with you in middle and high school? I didn't know that was an option for me...

thanks for posting all these fun pictures of your trip--i love looking at them! (and i would have ridden with you---although i don't know who would have driven...)

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