Monday, June 04, 2012

someday i will post a real post

So I haven't posted for awhile because we spent last week on vacation in the Smoky Mountains--YAY!  And whereas normally I would be so excited to blog about vacation, our camera--with literally hundreds of awesome vacation photos--disappeared while we were at an amusement park (I am about 85% sure it was stolen.  More than that, actually, but I feel like I should leave that 15% margin of doubt and some trust in human nature).  And honestly, I have been so bummed about that and I haven't really wanted to blog about it all.  At some point I'll download the photos my family took (the photo at the top of this post--which is the view from our cabin's back porch--is from my dad's phone) and get a real post up.

But I'm online tonight because I just ran for the first time in a week (technically I am not supposed to be running at all right now, is seriously killing me to not have my daily shot of endorphins and my family would tell you that I am evil and cranky and horrible right now, and that is not an exaggeration at all).  So right now I'm feeling GREAT because I ran, and slightly guilty because I ran, and crossing-my-fingers that I didn't mess my knee up more (I'm driving out of state this weekend to meet with a specific personal trainer.  Getting desperate to fix this?  Absolutely.  Six months of this, my friends.  And running is life that is me and only mine and doesn't belong to anyone else in my family.  I am kind of dying inside over this, and I wish that was an exaggeration.)

This post sounds like a total downer!  But really, I've been enjoying our little taste of summer so far.  We celebrated the last day of school with a festive trip to a heavenly local ice cream parlor (what?  you want to see pictures? OH WAIT MY CAMERA WAS STOLEN).  Then we spent a week in the Smoky Mountains with my parents and one of my sisters--a vacation which I booked in January and I was so excited to finally go!  We went hiking in the Smokies and visited Dollywood (which was a total blast, except for the camera part, and it was so fun to take Abigail on actual roller coasters (turns out that I am getting old and I can't keep up with a seven-year-old's desire to go upside down again and again and again)), and we went go-karting and made delicious food and hung out in the hot tub and got lost about five thousand times in those gorgeous misty mountains.  It was a lovely week.  And I promise...I will blog about it sometime.  Sometime soon.  One of these days.


Kayli said...

I'm SO SO SO Sorry about your camera! That is the worst ever and I would cry myself to sleep every night for 6 months if it happened to mine.
I'm also very sorry about your running, although I don't have the personal empathy on that one.
Anyway, sorry but I'm still looking forward to hearing more about your trip!

Elise said...

PLEASE blog about it soon!

Jane said...

Random blog lurker here, but I just had to say that I am SO sorry about your camera and photos! My camera was stolen when I was in Paris nearly a year ago and I'm STILL devastated over the loss of all those photos! (I felt the exact same way when I tried to blog about the trip later.)

Camera stealing is a truly heinous crime, isn't it?!

la Liberté said...

We loved staying in a cabin in the Smokies a couple years ago. Wish we hadn't left the cabin, though, because nothing really compared to the Rockies. Sorry. Didn't enjoy the towns much, either. But LOVED being in the cabin, the hot tub, and seeing the view. Didn't try Dollywood, but I know now I cannot do roller coasters like I once could.

So sorry to hear about your camera!

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