Friday, July 13, 2012

oh yeah

Here is the true story of why I haven't updated my blog in so house got hit by lightning.  Pretty good excuse, eh?

Fortunately nothing really happened other than we had to buy new phones and a new desktop (both laptops were still fine, but my laptop is an old piece of junk that doesn't like that new-fangled thing called the Internet, and Neil's laptop is always with Neil, except for right now, obviously).

And since I did get a new camera almost a month ago, some day there will be lots of posts with lots of pictures.  But honestly, I've really been enjoying the last few weeks of internet freedom (sorry to everyone who has asked me to review a resume/revise an essay/respond to emails in general).  Interesting because I've been praying to be able to spend my time more wisely, and less of it online.  Sometimes the Lord answers our prayers in interesting ways (although thankfully mine came less dramatically than did my sweet friend Melanie's!).  I must say that my general happiness has significantly improved in the last two weeks without the internet and with sunrise runs (thanks to another friend for taking the initiative to get me out at 6 am!).

So...if you need to talk to me, call.  :-)

And now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go about putting the final touches on Isaac's birthday celebration.  Can you believe my sweet little lovie is going to be three tomorrow?!  We have big plans involving the zoo, the local doughnut heaven, and a life-size game of Angry Birds (I have been saving boxes for weeks).


Elise said...

SO happy you are back on your blog!

Doreen said...

Rachael, I've been praying for the same thing. Its hard to find a proper balance. There is sooo much I can be doing on the computer and if I'm on it too much, Aubree mentions it to me. She kind of keeps me in check. But I really do struggle with breaking away from it. Lightning is always a good excuse. Perhaps our camping trip this weekend will be a good excuse for me :)

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