Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chicago, again

 I already posted this picture--with my sisters at the airport--but I like it so much that I'm posting it again.  Don't they look so pretty even after they've been on planes for a million hours?  (Rosalind was flying in from Texas, where she attended her fiance's graduation from basic training on her way home from BYU, and Elise was flying straight from BYU).

A few weeks ago my mom and I met halfway to Chicago so that I could go with her to pick up my little sisters.  It was so fun!  We stayed at a hotel right next to the airport (which was good since it was about 2:30 before we were able to get to bed.  Funny story--ever since she was a tiny baby Elise can't stop laughing if you're within about 12 inches of her, because she's SUPER ticklish, and so I was sharing this tiny double bed with Elise, and I honestly thought there was a good chance that neither of us would ever sleep because she was giggling so much!  Then my mom told us to be quiet and go to sleep and we had to obey (probably way more obediently than when we were kids)).

I took this photo of Elise while we were waiting for Rosalind to finish doing her makeup.  Isn't she gorgeous?

So the next morning we drove into Chicago and roamed Michigan Avenue.  Elise reacted with much glee when she saw the Vera Bradley flagship store in Water Tower Place, but my mom & Rosalind weren't quite as impressed.

 And another great Elise face at the Tribune building (if you haven't seen it before, they have all these hunks of rock from landmarks all around the world--the editor of the Trib awhile back was really into this sort of thing, so reporters would bring back pieces of the Colesseum or the Great Pyramid or, you know, legal things like that when they returned from assignment).  The piece Elise is gawking at is from the Salt Lake temple.


And of course...the requisite good food.  Since we were in Water Tower place, we stopped at Wow Bao! and got ourselves a little box of happiness (and later on I ate my heaven sandwich at Fox and Obel...again).
 I love love love Chicago.  It is one of my favorite places ever, and Neil's professor has mentioned a couple of times that he wants Neil to work at a specific national lab in Chicago once he finishes his Ph.D., and all I can say is, heck yes.  Please set us up there, my friend.  (Neil is going up to the lab in a couple of weeks to pick up some equipment and I keep telling him to network like crazy!)


Anonymous said...

Great photos! Good times! That would be great if Neil worked in Chicago! I hope that works out for you!
Love, Aunt Pam

Elise said...

so much fun! i loved it :)

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