Wednesday, August 29, 2012

During "birthday season," which in our family is three weeks in July and August where we have three birthdays, my precious boy turned three.  Three!  Surely it was only yesterday that he was this small (and furry!)

And now he is this handsome, handsome little man.

Three has been interesting so far.  We're struggling to find a rhythm with schedules where Isaac can have his one-on-one time with me; he's been pretty rough with Luke lately in what I think is an attempt to get more attention.  Last year when Juliet was in preschool, Luke was napping, so he had me all to himself for two hours most mornings.  This year he shares me with Luke in the morning and Juliet in the afternoons.  It's been a hard transition for him.  Today I had a few minutes at Juliet's school with just the two of us and it was so nice to find my sweet boy again as we snuggled up together to read Franklin stories!  It made me realize that the solution to his recent uncharacteristic behavior is that he really does just need more focused attention from me, all to his own little self.

For Isaac's birthday, we made "dirt cups."  Isaac was mostly really excited about the green gummy worms, since he LOVES ALL THINGS GREEN.  Bonus points for green dinosaurs.  Those are truly his two loves right now.  Let me repeat--GREEN and DINOSAURS, because if you give him a blue cup or a red plate, his long-lashed eyes will look up at you from the saddest little face that you've ever seen.

 (I barely choked down a spoonful of the dirt cups, but Luke was happy to finish mine off.)

 Remember earlier what I said about the green dinosaurs?  Can you imagine a more delighted expression than that of this child opening green dinosaur pajamas?  He was so delighted to put them next to the green dinosaurs and the green dinosaur coloring book he'd just opened (do his grandparents and great-grandparents know him or what?!  And let's not forget the set of safari dominoes, which meshes perfectly with his penchant for extremely meticulous games where everything is neatly organized.  Wonder where he inherited that trait from?).
Happy birthday, my sweet little boy!  I love you SO impossibly much.  

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Elise said...

Isaac is so fashionable! I love those pictures of him in the blue striped shirt with the AWESOME hair. Literally, I'm picturing him in like 20 years and he's a little heartthrob. Already.

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