Thursday, August 30, 2012

Last week of summer extravaganza!

 The week before school started, the kidlets and I did two little mini road-trips (would they count as road-trips with Neil along?  No.  But an hour in the car alone with the kids does count).

The first one was to a dairy farm that is the largest dairy farm in the US.  And they do tours.  So we went.  I think the kids really loved it, but it was a little depressing/nauseating for me.  The calf hutches where the heifers live, separated from their mothers; the milking carousel where all the cows ride around as they're attached to the milking machine, and the still-gross-even-though-they-clean-it-three-times-a-day barns.  I was not crazy about the idea of eating any dairy afterwards.

We did, however, witness the birth of a calf, which was pretty cool.  A little scary for the kids, because things were not progressing very smoothly and so a vet came out and attached some straps to the calf's hooves and literally yanked it out of the mother (you could hear an almost audible wince from every woman in the room), but pretty cool nonetheless.  (I'll spare you the pictures, although I did take some.)

Then when went outside and this was the REAL hit--all of the rides and exciting things to do.  I didn't get a picture of the girls jumping on the bungee bounce thingie, because I was standing there watching Isaac ride the train for the dozenth time and trying to keep Luke off the track.  It was pretty much a full-time job.

Apparently carousels aren't quite as fun when they are cows instead of mythical creatures and bedazzled horses...
 Juliet thought this was pretty awesome.

I really love ISaac's face here.  Awesome.

And then, a couple of days later, we went to the children's museum with some friends.  Melanie and I had been planning this trip since, oh, like April?  But my kids were super sick when we were planning to go during spring break (that was SO fun) and then we had trouble coordinating with all our vacations all summer.  So it ended up being our last hurrah on the Friday before school started again, and it was so absolutely wonderful that I was mad we hadn't been able to do it every week all summer!

 This is one of my very favorite pictures EVER.  The kids were playing on this "shipwreck" exhibit and they refused to take a breath while they were "underwater."  Whenever they had to breathe, they would run off to the side and gasp and then puff their cheeks out and run back.  Love it!

The babies loved crawling on it--and then Luke put on a little oxygen tank and insisted on wearing it for the next half hour.  I took it off him at one point (since it was pretty heavy) and he went right over and put it back on.  So darling.

Then we hit the Hot Wheels exhibit and it was kind of like the coolest thing ever.  I loved how many dads were just hanging out playing in there.  (Luke loved it so much that I later found several stowaway Hot Wheels in the stroller, which we ran back into the museum as we were exiting!)

 A definite highlight of our visit was watching the play based on David Shannon's book How I Became a Pirate (truthfully, the play was much more entertaining than the book!)  Great energy, fun songs, and very tailored to its audience.  Isaac talked for days and days about this!

 Somehow our five hours at the museum sped by all too fast (I was so loving the chance to just talk with a friend while the kids played happily!)

So we took a spin on the carousel...

...waved goodbye to Bumblebee...

...and left.  (Where Melanie and I proceeded to talk for another 40 minutes while the kids played in the statue garden).  

I can't think of a better way to end the summer!


Kayli said...

Oh my gosh- Hot Wheels exhibit?! My boys would actually DIE of happiness!!

Your kids are so cute.

Anonymous said...

Thanks sweetheart for sharing the. Pictures and a glimps inside.


Melanie said...

That was the first time I've been to the museum without counting down the minutes until the end of the day parade. It's always fun, but having another mom to share the fun with was wonderful!

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