Wednesday, August 15, 2012


So I'm realizing that it's going to be hard to both catch up and stay current!  Look for lots of posts in the next little while.  Yeesh.

The kids moved their rooms again last week (the boys are now sharing and the girls are sharing).  As I was looking at Isaac's walls, I thought they looked a little bare of Isaac-personality.  So yesterday we talked about what kinds of things he would like on his walls, and he decided he wanted "nice dinosaurs" (as opposed to the fanged T-rex pillow that he insists on sleeping on every night, because, you know, nothing says "NICE DINOSAUR" like carefully fitting your head between the fangs before you will consent to the commencement of your good-night kisses).

Today during quiet time we started work on the dinosaurs, and I'm actually really happy with the results.  There are definitely things I would do differently next time (like sewing a wire in the top of it so it hangs straight, which I will probably redo eventually...or maybe not), but all in all, it was really fun and it went very quickly.  I did have to do some piecing because I just had scraps left over from his quilt, and I wanted it to match, but it wasn't too bad (for the curious, I Googled dinosaur images and then traced them from the screen, cut out the tracings, and then traced them onto my starched fabric scraps).  He was delighted, it was a really fun project since it was so fast (I don't like long projects--I like to finish things in one sitting).

After dinner tonight I really wanted to go to the library to get the next books in the two series I'm reading simultaneously (alternating back and forth while I wait for new books to come in).  And then Neil suggested that we go get our first-day-of-school celebratory ice cream on the way.  Hurray!  The best kind of outing--books and ice cream.  The kids were overjoyed because they've been waiting to go back to this particular ice cream shop ever since the last day of school.

 We all entertained ourselves at the end by sitting and watching Isaac finish his cone.  It was seriously really entertaining.  Want to see?


Meghan said...

That is beautiful--what a great skill, to be able to whip out something like that for your kids. I love Relief Society.

Anonymous said...

I love dinosaurs too! You are very talented with your sewing machine! Isaac looks so happy. That ice cream looks yummy too!!! The perfect after school treat!!!
Love, Aunt Pam

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