Monday, September 17, 2012

Catching up, yet again

I took this photo of Isaac the other night--he is always in these crazy poses when I go in to check on him (and it's appropriate for an updating post, because I've been feeling really crummy lately and spending half of my time asleep and the other half wishing I was asleep!)

Uploading pictures tonight, I realized I've only taken 18 pictures in the last two weeks.  18!  That is so not like me, but it's been a really busy couple of weeks for a few reasons:

  1. Homework.  Oh my word.  I LOATHE supervising homework, and I have decades of this to go.  (I try not to hover, but I have to be in the same room with Abigail, or she totally goes off task.  Juliet, fortunately, is like a little machine who never deviates, so maybe Abigail will develop some more focus and then I'll be okay for a year or two.)
  2. Running.  I can't remember if I mentioned this, but Neil and I are running a half-marathon in five weeks, and we're to the point now where there is a lot of running happening.  A lot.  This is always the point where I think, "no, I can never run a marathon when my kids are at home!" because I can't imagine doubling the amount of time I am squeezing out of my days to run.  I (almost) always love running when I'm actually doing it, but planning it in (especially the long runs) is a little crazy sometimes.
  3. Homeschooling Juliet for math.  This probably shouldn't be stressful, because it is kindergarten, after all, but it still is.  Enough said because I get stressed even more just thinking about it.
  4. Teaching.  It's a real time-sucker, especially because this semester I have some students who are, um, taking a lot of time.  I won't say anything more because this is a public blog.
  5. The boys are really having a hard adjustment to the girls being gone.  (Have I mentioned this too?)  They're so used to having the girls around dictating what's happening that they seem to be a little lost, and they follow me around like small (angry) ducklings (angry because it's usually a loooong temper tantrum after the girls and Neil leave in the morning).  I'm really hoping they develop some more independent play skills, because I keep stepping on them when I'm washing dishes or things like that.
Wow, this is such a downer of a post!  Let's brighten it up a bit!  With flying babies!

And brand-new babies, because my sister had a baby!  I know this shouldn't be taking up MY time, because I am 2000 miles away and I did not actually give birth, but for a couple of days there it was really hard for me to think of anything else (she had an emergency C-section about four weeks before her due date).  And I also pretty much ignored the house for two days frantically making the baby blanket (in the picture below) that I should have started months before.  And you should read what my sister wrote about their new baby, because it is so so sweet.


Ruth said...

Cute kids!! Thanks again for such a cute blanket. She loves it already.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you are stressed/sick! Anytime you think up some new non-stress techniques, let me know and I will do them with you! I guess I could run again...but sleeping feels so good too! Well, I miss and love you! I hope that you feel better soon--and the blanket is absolutely beautiful!! Love, Elise

Doreen said...

Sounds busy.... no wonder you want to sleep ;)

la Liberté said...

Wow, that baby is flying high! I hope there was an adult not seen in the photo who caught him...

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