Monday, September 24, 2012

Daily life

 These pictures would have warranted their own set of posts, back when I first started this blog, probably accompanied by witty text and humorous asides that I'd spent the dinner-making time composing.

But this is now, and I spent the dinner-making time on the phone with my sister, just get the pictures.   In this case, of my two little boys pretending to be caged puppies.  Woof!  (Which is the only animal sound that Luke knows, probably because he spends half his life making it.)
 A few days ago we had a blah afternoon stretching in front of us, and no friends were available to while away the time.  So I told the kids that we were going in a walk to explore a forbidden kingdom.  And I gave Abigail the camera (because she was being a total stinker about taking a walk rather than a bike ride).

And we were off to Tazana Land!
 Here I am with no makeup and hair that had not been brushed since the last time I ran.  I feel so brave whenever I post a photo like this.
 And this is Juliet in her gnome hat (because what else should you wear when you venture through a dark enchanted wood?  Aside from exceeding bright colors?) pointing out the dangerous troll lurking just out of sight.
 And a self-portrait.

 We came upon an ogre's den, but fortunately it was unoccupied.
 Our walk was so fun.  I was reminded again of how neat it is to watch my kids' imaginations run wild.  We passed the berries that would condemn you to forever remain in Tazana Land and never return to your home if you consumed even a single one (Abigail is really into Greek myths these days).  We tiptoed past the poisonous flowers that tried to lure you closer with their delicate scent so they could put you to sleep.  We passed mounds of upturned earth that would turn into trolls when they were touched by moonlight.  We carefully checked the bed of pink pansies to make sure that all were fresh and blooming, a sure sign that no hobgoblins were lurking nearby.  And we each carried a bouquet of Queen Anne's Lace, so that we could sprinkle it on the imps (crickets) and chant, "Tinkle-ah-tinkle-ah-tinkle-ah-top!" and turn them back into charming fairies masquerading as butterflies (thank you, Fablehaven).
 At long last we came to the end of the perilous trail, and lo and behold, we spied some evil knights approaching us!  We scurried away as quickly as we could, dodging the evil caterpillars of the Sorceress of the Night, and one of the knights caught up with us!  He called our names and we trembled in fear!  (It was Daddy, who had decided to run home from school that day!  Very exciting for us all!)
 And then we came home and made dinner.

And this little guy is so darling.

One day I passed Jooj sitting at her window "dreaming a dream" before bedtime.

 Little boys again...

And what the kitchen table looks like every day when Abigail gets home from school.  Juliet and I work on her things right after lunch, and Isaac is picking up so much of what Juliet is learning (he's actually better than she is on number recognition for a few of the numbers), but no matter how much we've done in the afternoon, it always becomes soooo alluring to be a big kid doing homework with Abigail!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this post!!!!! It is one of my favorites of all time! Your children are adorable and I love their imaginations! All of the pictures are great!
Aunt Pam

Elise said...

I am in love with Juliet's outfit. So perfectly her!

Doreen said...

I second on Juliet's outfit. It is perfect for the occassion!

Kristyn said...

How creative are you?! Such a fun idea. And these creative, simple activities I think are some of the best parts of a child's memories.

I posted a follow up comment to your question about the time commitment issue for running. It was easier to do that in case anyone else was wondering. :)

Kristyn said...

Btw, I forgot to mention: I'm so glad you read Eat & Run! Try the green drink one more time just to make sure it wasn't a fluke that time. I have really loved that stuff. (Also loved the Indonesian Cabbage salad! And I'm making the Xocolatl Balls this week!) And yes, Jurek also mentioned that he felt stronger the longer he ran - I meant to mention that. He was the one that made me think about it during my last run.

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