Thursday, September 06, 2012

Little boys are soooo cute

I can't remember if I've posted pictures of Lukey and Jooj like this before, but she LOVES dressing him up, and fortunately, he loves it too.  

I asked everyone to smile and Luke was the only one who cooperated, so I cropped the rest of them all out.  Fuzzy, but still beautiful.  And speaking of fuzzy, but beautiful...Blue Steel!  (I can't wait to see Magnum!)

Today, per somebody's request, we did a "big paper" drawing.  It kept everyone busy for almost an hour, but then people started arguing over different parts of the paper and I was really tired and dinner was in the oven, so I went and hid in my bedroom behind my bed where nobody could see me (am I the only one who does that?) and flipped through a cookbook of meals children would supposedly like (all I'm saying is whoever thinks that a two-year-old will happily slurp up lemongrass and shrimp soup for lunch hasn't spent much time around two-year-olds).
Anyway, when I came back, this had happened.  

And also I did this before I left.

All of which, of course, occasioned post-dinner baths.  Neil was shaving while the kids were going in and out of the shower, and Isaac was SO fascinated that I couldn't help snapping a shot of his little face.

And then this:

And then I picked up Mr. Flufferkinhead (have you petted your daily puffball today?)...

 and popped him in his bed.  Sidenote:  all my kids are really pretty good about going to bed and I am SO thankful for that.  (Some of them fight it more than others, but really, for most of them, give them a stack of books and they're silent.)

Oh, I just love this little face!  When I was tucking Isaac in tonight, I went to the door three separate times, opened it, and started walking through before he called me back with another request (more hug!  tuck my blankie around me!  I want to kiss you again!) and the third time I gave kind of a huffy sigh, and he looked up at me and said sweetly, "Is this just taking too long a time for you?" and I had to kiss him about a thousand times all over again.  

and then I rubbed my fuzzball one more time and turned out the light.

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Elise said...

they are absolutely adorable!! can't really handle how cute they are

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