Tuesday, October 09, 2012


So.  Remember when I used to post funny things Abigail said?  Well, this one had both Neil and I choking today at dinner.

A: "Today at school we were talking about grammar and parts of speech and my teacher asked us if anyone had any little brothers or sisters that said things in an odd way."

Me: "Oh?  What did you say?"

A: "I told them that when Isaac wants Goldfish crackers, he asks for 'goldpiss.'  And then everyone laughed really really hard, harder than they laughed at anyone else's brother or sister. Why did they all laugh so hard?"

Cue parental fumbling, raised eyebrows, and ultimately choked-off laughter as we tried to explain while emphasizing that it is NOT a new vocab word around the house.


Elise said...

I miss Abigailisms! so glad they are back...and that is pretty funny :)

Meghan said...

Have you ever told her about some of her mom's first words when she was trying to repeat "All set!"?

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