Saturday, October 06, 2012

Hiking with Papa

 More often than not, we spend General Conference weekends with my parents.  (If you're interested, you're in luck!  You can watch General Conference live tomorrow or any time online.)

This year, my mom is still in Utah helping my sister with her new baby, but my dad drove down to see us, and we went hiking! Yay!

But first we had to skip rocks for a loooong time at the river.
 Which was really beautiful.
 And then we started hiking up a streambed (there was a ton of rain this week, so it was pretty sloshy all day).

Isaac absolutely adores my dad (or "Papa Popcorn!" as he sometimes calls him).  He yelled loudly if he was not holding Dad's hand, and every so often would stop and look very pensive and say, "Papa, I still wub you so muts.  I dust wub you."

I didn't brush my hair this morning.  Can you tell?  This is how it looks most days because I run, I shower, then I sleep on it, and it looks like a mess of little curly flyaways.  So glamorous).

So we tried a new-to-us hike that we've been wanting to do for awhile.  It was AWESOME.  (Mom, you might not want to look.)  Seriously, so cool, and the kids LOVED it.  We paused in between a couple of sets of ladders to have a quick food break (and to let Luke out of his backpack) because there were some big overhangs and things were pretty dry, and Abigail and Juliet went up and down the ladders about a million times waiting for everyone else to finish.

Here's Abigail...I clambered up over a shelf and saw her almost to the top of the ladder.  Zipped right up.

And then Isaac followed her.  It was kind of exciting getting him off because the ladder ends in a stream, and because the stream has been there for a long time, it's hollowed out the rock at the top of the ladder, so you sort of have to jump off, and then straddle the stream (which is also hard because it's in a rock channel).  Isaac was so funny doing his bow-legged little walk trying to stay dry!


Luke passed out after lunch on our way out to a beautiful overlook.    

See? A beautiful overlook.  You can canoe out to this island and I really want to.

 Dad asked the girls to pose for him with the gorgeous backdrop and this is what they did.  Little stinkers.

Then we hiked out to see another waterfall, and then back along more streambeds...

...and then finally back to the parking lot, where Luke finally got to walk.

Baby hathead!  He is so darling.

All in all, a really delightful little four-hour hike that completely wore us out for watching Conference.  I pretty much just wanted to crawl into bed, and now that I'm done with grading, I think I may not do my planned 11-mile run after all since it's 9:30 PM and my legs are still aching.  I really should have run earlier today, but I really wanted to have an awesome day as a family and a fun time with my dad, and I'm telling myself that it's a mark of maturity that I prioritized that over wearing myself out on a run (even though the race is only 2 weeks away.  But to be honest with you, I have been running really hard and I'm kind of burning out, so hopefully this will be better in the long run).


Mary Beth said...

What a glorious day!

Sounds like you made the right decision prioritizing a family hike over your run. Hope you're full of energy again tomorrow!

Elise said...

it looks absolutely beautiful there! and you guys aren't too bad looking yourselves ;)

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