Monday, October 22, 2012

Luke is growing up

It's a good thing that I didn't have a blog when Abigail was a baby, so that nobody can complain that I was super diligent about blogging every milestone of my first child's few years, and then totally slacked off later.  (I was pretty diligent with Juliet and somewhat less so with Isaac.  Luke, my dear, count yourself lucky that I took the time to give you pigtails just like your sisters!  Don't you feel so loved?!)

 So anyway, this child o'mine is growing like mad--he's going to be 18 months old in a couple of weeks.  He still doesn't seem to feel any inclination to use actual words, and I must say he is incredibly good at communicating with grunts, nods, headshakes, and his own made-up form of sign language.  I would definitely say that he has trained us rather than the reverse.  If he was my first, I would be worried about the fact that he isn't talking, but...I'm not.  (He does bark happily whenever he sees a dog, and he will say "Mama" on very rare occasions, and like I said, he's diligently taught every one of us his little sign language.)

Anyway, he has absolutely no problem getting what he wants.  Like apples.  He is CRAZY about apples right now, although he will never ever ever eat them in his high chair.  Ever.  It's like this total look of disgust, like, woman, what is this "food" with which you have presented me?  I recognize it not!  Free me from this nefarious contraption so that I can go visit one of my hidden apple stockpiles!  (One day I found eight apples in various stages of eaten-ness around the house.  I've since moved everything out of his reach, but he has three enablers who feel sorry for him, so it hasn't made much of a difference.  Plus he climbs like nobody's business.)

Sometimes he is crazy.

 He's also in love with the dishwasher--what the KitchenAid stand mixer is to Isaac (the clarion call that signals a mad rush to the kitchen), the dishwasher is to Luke.  Must. Unload. Now.  We had a friend over the other night who was going crazy trying to keep retrieving Luke's pilfered dishwasher items, and it took me forever to notice what was going on because I'm so used to just absentmindedly washing things and then going after Luke when I'm done to retrieve his stash.  (He especially likes rubber scrapers, so sometimes I just give him a handful of clean ones before I start.)

Also, Fourth Child has already mastered the mouse.  Which makes Third Child very upset, because "Yookey" messes up Isaac's playlists and then he can't dance, man!  (Please note Luke's apple.)

 And speaking of dancing, I came in to the kitchen today (I was putting away laundry in the boys' room) and I found this.

And because I'm a very responsible mom, I told him to not fall off and then I grabbed the camera.

Breakdance time!

One thing that has brought a great deal of peace to our home...Luke is finally starting to play WITH Isaac rather than attacking Isaac's toys.  Hallelujah!

 And last but not least, today Isaac and I cut a deal that I would give him "hedgehog hair" if he would go pick up his trains.  And Lukey, of course, wanted to be included in the styling.  I love love his's way longer than I've ever let Isaac's get but it's just so fluffy and blonde and beautiful, I can't bring myself to cut the top any shorter than a trim here and there!

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Meghan said...

It's a great transition when they start playing together! Congratulations.

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