Saturday, October 06, 2012

Smattering of random camera bits

Here's some free advice:  keep your baby away from the fire pit after it rains.

Don't forget that one.  

 Here's another one:  when you wash that filthy baby, he will not be thrilled if his older brother makes his hair "funny."  (Although it's pretty dang funny.)
A couple of weeks ago I was feeling really lame and despairing and whatnot, and so I decided I needed to make more of a deliberate effort to do things I enjoyed.  And one thing I really enjoy is baking new kinds of bread.  So I've been patiently nursing along a starter, and voila!  Last Sunday I made these beauteous loaves.  And they were so delicious.  I'm going to make some again tomorrow for dinner with my signature white bean and kale soup and some fancy cheeses (including my very favorite Brie encased in a French herb crust, where the white part is so good that even Rosalind would eat it!).

I was so excited I even put myself in the picture, which is like serious food excitement, because usually only pies warrant that.

 It crackled when I cut into it, in case you're wondering.
 And while I was doing that, they were doing this...
 And they were like, "whatever, lady" when I said it was time to come eat sourdough (and also dinner).
 And then after dinner we went on a walk.  Guess what.  We live in an agricultural state.  Where my kids like to guess what crops have been planted in the fields over a certain span of time, based on how desiccated the soybean pods are compared to the corncobs.  You don't learn that kind of thing in the Mountain West.

 Then Abigail posed very willingly for a picture.

The boys and I did the obligatory visit to the pumpkin patch (the girls were both at school).  We came home with as many pounds of mud on our shoes, pants, and hands as we did pumpkins!  (possibly a slight exaggeration.  slight.)

 Aforesaid pumpkin patch totally wore Isaac out and he crashed a few hours later right on top of his Ariel puzzle.

One night I told all the kids to go to bed, because I was tired and Neil was back at the lab, and they sweetly obeyed me and all went straight to their beds and tucked themselves in.  Good thing they didn't stop in the coat closet along the way and make really loud giggling noises and refuse to go anywhere until I found the camera and took a picture of them.  Who would cave to that sort of demand?


Elise said...

they are SO cute all in the closet together :) also, you look absolutely gorgeous in that picture with Abigail---she is still cute even with the funny face, and I love her hair!

Andrea said...

I love this last photo of the kids. It is so cute. I miss those pumpkin patch trips!!!

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