Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Meanest Mom

Potty-training is something I really hate.  You can't yell or get mad at someone who is making a huge mess, and you have to keep cleaning up awful messes!  Seriously, the pits of motherhood.

So anyway, I started potty-training Isaac last January.  It went pretty well, although it was far from being as easy as it was with the girls (I'll spare you the gruesome details, but if you ever want some hilarious horror stories, my friend, we should chat).  After a month or two, it seemed like we were good to go, with the occasional accident here and there.


Apparently, Isaac is not grossed out by urine the way adults are.  So if he wets his pants, he totally doesn't care.  And while he is perfectly capable of holding it, sometimes he just doesn't feel like it.  The past couple of months, since he's gotten really proficient at dressing himself, he will wet his pants, coolly go in and get new clothes, drop the wet ones in the washer, and get dressed again.  Sometimes I've even seen him squat on the floor, urinate through his pants so that there is a puddle on the floor and only a tiny neat wet circle on his clothing, and stand up and walk away.

IT IS DRIVING ME INSANE.  Yesterday I washed 9 pairs of pants for him.  Nine!  It was only two days' worth of laundry!

So I have been experimenting with different things (I should really choose one and stick to it, but nothing seems to really make an impact, because the kid is so mellow and easy-going).

The other day I took away his pants and made him wear Baby Legs.  He was so mad at me.  Like totally furious.  He refused to wear them and I took his picture because it made him even madder (how's that for good mothering?)  And then he peeled off the Baby Legs and told me, "Daddy says these are not for big boys.  Daddy says these are dumb-looking and big boys don't wear them."  (I used to have Isaac wear these when he was little and just wearing cloth diapers and Neil did, indeed, decide they were not cool in his book.)

So...any ideas?  He never wets himself if we are out somewhere (maybe it's a good excuse to embark on a lengthy vacation--snap out of it!)  Or if he's borrowed Juliet's clothes because Luke is asleep in the room where Isaac's clothes live. Just when he's home and he has access to his own clean clothes (or if he's at a friend's house and he feels comfortable enough.  Hey!  I like you!  Let me wet my pants to show my love!).  But seriously.  This is driving me up the wall, especially because my sense of smell is much more sensitive with pregnancy, and I do not love cuddling with a stinky little boy.

Flood me with your genius ideas and brilliant solutions!


Kayli said...

cold showers-- and of course making him clean up his own puddles

Julianne said...

you could try hiding his pants so he doesn't have personal access. Hyrum gets cold showers, which he hates and is usually sufficient incentive not to wet himself.

ps...congrats on the pregnancy! We're due about the same time!

Jen said...

I was also going to suggest hiding his pants.

Ooh! Or making him wear pink princess underpants if he wets the ones he starts with in the morning! Is shaming kids into good behavior really so wrong? ;)

aLi said...

We had to do cold showers, too. Gruesome details led us to that point with our first child... second child it was the same stubbornness. Not fun.
Congrats on your pregnancy!

Sarah Harward said...

I have to agree. Potty training is NO fun! So sorry it's still so unpleasant! I'd say maybe try (and you possibly have) explaining to him in the morning that those are the only clothes he's aloud to wear. Maybe even let him see you taking his pants out of his drawer and putting them in a place he doesn't know about. Then, if he has an accident (which, they don't really sound like accidents) then he has to wear the leg warmer things (which, in my opinion are ADORABLE!!) or Juliet's pants. Maybe then he'll choose the toilet over girl pants. Good luck!!

Laura said...

I don't know, I think you're onto something with the Baby Legs. Tell him that he's right, they're not for big boys, but big boys can pee in the potty, so until he can show you that he is a big boy, he has to wear the Baby Legs.

Laura said...

Related to wearing Juliet's clothes, my mom told me that while she was toilet training my brother, he was also in a phase where he really liked wearing my clothes (like dress up). She made a deal with him that he could only wear my clothes if he could keep them dry... and that was incentive enough for him.

Dani said...

At the risk of sounding like the mother of the year, I take a toy away from Brian every time he wets his pants. I've tried and tried positive reinforcement, but this is the only thing that seems to work. Baby legs seems like a really good option too. Hmmmmm. Isn't parenting so fun sometimes?

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