Monday, November 12, 2012


 It’s been so busy!  I have lots of disparate photos here that sort of tell a story, but not really.

My kitchen floor really suffers these days because my Lukey is 18 months old, and he loves loves loves to study projectile motion.  He also thinks it’s entertaining when I fence him out of the kitchen so I can mop.  Too bad it doesn’t happen as regularly as the food-throwing does…

16 weeks pregnant last week.
  As we all know, I am awful at taking pregnancy photos, but here’s one anyway.  So far I am gaining weight faster with this baby than with any others.  I’ll let you imagine how I feel about that (about as happy as I look in the picture, I guess!)
My sous-chef.  He’s trying to replace Isaac but Isaac will have none of it. 

 Speaking of weight gain, the other night I was hosting book group and I made 2 lemon meringue pies, a pumpkin cheesecake, and an apple-cranberry pie with fennel crumb topping.  Yum yum yum.  Isn't this a lovely-looking pie?  

And then a couple of days later we had 15 kids at our house (our regular date night group of 12, plus three that we were watching while our friends went on an overnight date).  As I was pulling pizza after pizza out of the oven to serve ravenous children who were racing in and out of the house, I thought, “This is what all of my Friday nights will look like in ten years,” and I got excited about my kids being teenagers and filling the house with friends.  

Fortunately my oven decided to wait until AFTER the pizzas to do this:

And then Neil was making these when the heating element exploded and shot sparks through the range burners, so we experimented with cooking them in our roaster oven (okay, but definitely no substitute for the real oven.  "Strangely," although half were doughy and half were crispy, they all still got eaten).
 Lukey and Isaac were doing this funny pop-up dance the other night to the Russian dance from the Nutcracker.  I love that pair. 

 Then they “helped” with dishes (don’t you love Neil’s pants?!  I do!)

Making caramel apples…another item crossed off our fall bucket list! (I remembered to use waxed paper; I just forgot about using the waxed side...)

And Neil fixing the oven.  He is my hero.  Really, he is.  I’m just going to copy and paste my Facebook status here:  Tonight my husband came home from work, changed the lightbulb in the rear blinker on my minivan, changed Luke's diaper, helped me finish the final prep for dinner (and then told me about five times how good dinner was and how thankful he was for my effort), washed the dishes while I puttered around the kitchen telling him about my day, taught our FHE lesson, made caramel apples with the kids, and then replaced the heating element in the oven before rounding the munchkins up for bed. I surely do love that man.

He really is the best.  Whenever I get frustrated with him about something, I just remind myself how endlessly patient and giving he is, and how he never criticizes me (although there are many many times when he could offer a well-deserved comment), and how he is always so willing to help.  I'm so thankful for him in my life.


Elise said...

Things I love about this post:

1. The fact that I checked your blog assuming that you hadn't updated since the last time I checked (like five seconds ago), and then getting the surprise of a beautifully pictured post!

2. The fact that it looks like Abigail is petting Luke's head in the picture of them all lined up in the kitchen.

3. The fact that all of your children are gathered around the oven watching their Daddy use his sweet fix-it skills to save the day.

4. The fact that that gray striped shirt looks so dang good on you.

5. The fact that Luke is growing up before my very computer-eyes.

6. The fact that I just imagined myself teaching kids like your kids and loving them to death.

Rachael said...

Elise, she is petting his head--she loves to do it and he is pretty much petted like a puppy constantly. His hair is so soft and fluffy that it's church Sunday Abigail and I were taking turns. :-)

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