Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Seems like it's time for a post

I left my camera at my parents' house over Thanksgiving, so while I have a lot of photos to upload, there will be none today (sadly, this also means I have not photographed exciting happenings around our home like decorating the Christmas tree, etc.  But it also means that there is no photographic evidence of the fact that I was SO worn out today after the third day home with my miserable sick little boys--they both have croup--that I decided my angelic-looking Luke needed a warning label, so I wrote "El Diablo" across his forehead in marker, and then I gave him a little evil-looking mustache [except I had to make the mustache kind of odd-looking to avoid his dripping nose].  My poor babies.  I hope those antibiotics kick in really, really, really soon.  Isaac is a sweet, docile, snuggly little sick man, but Luke is not!).

Anyway, life goes on.  I am constantly amazed at how slow the mornings are (when the boys both are content to sit in my lap and listen to stories for hours), and how hectic the afternoons and evenings are when we're racing to get everyone's homework done, piano practice in, clean up dinner, pack lunches for the next day, run kiddos through the shower, etc.  I spent probably three hours working on homework with the girls today and then Neil and I both split up after dinner/baths and each took a girl and finished up the homework time.  I can't even imagine how we will do it with older kids, but then again, I'm sure we'll adapt like we've done with each successive year.  Not a very original musing, but that's what I happen to be thinking about today.  I'm so grateful for the amazing teachers that both of my girls have this year--Abigail is just thriving in school this year beyond all of my wildest dreams and expectations, and I feel like we are so, so, so blessed to have the opportunity to have her in the high ability classroom (worth another year in grad school?  I would say so.  Honestly).  After she finished her homework today, she started writing some of it backwards, because she was so fascinated with da Vinci's mirror-writing--we spent dinnertime today talking about some of his more interesting inventions, sculptures, and paintings.  It's just amazing to me that she is studying the Renaissance in second grade (she even has an era-appropriate name given by her teacher, and they're writing with quill pens in class).  I just love it.  And Jules has jumped 3 reading levels in the last two weeks, so she is thriving as well.  (And Isaac, thanks to the fact that I am home-schooling Jules for math since they do that in the afternoon, knows more about math than either of his sisters did until they were 5.  Or 6, since he's actually ahead of Jules in some things.  Craziness.  They are little sponges.)

I have another ultrasound scheduled for next week.  I'm excited to find out the baby's gender (ooh, tiebreaker!!!), but a little nervous to see what else is going on with my body.  Sometimes I like to look back at my previous self (when I was pregnant with the girls) and mentally shake my head at how arrogant I was about how easy pregnancy is, and why are all these women complaining, etc.  Another thing I can't imagine--how some women manage to have 12+ children.  I have so much respect for their endurance, both physical and mental.  I feel like my body is barely holding together and I still have another 21 weeks (and hopefully more babies!) to go.  It's a little scary if I think about it too much--mostly I've just learned to deal with the pain and move on.  Much more denial than I've ever indulged in before in my life.  It's probably not healthy but it's how I'm coping.

I'm so grateful for my husband and children who pick up the slack for me.  Neil, as always, is an absolute gem who never complains about my inability to do my normal tasks, even though he's exhausted himself--he just does what needs to be done.  And the children have been so great. Jules in particular is apt to help out without ever being asked, or without asking for recognition--I went to collect all the kids' laundry tonight and found that she and Isaac had already done it together.  They saw something that needed to be done, and did it (especially cute because it required one of them boosting the other up to the washer so that they could empty the baskets).  Abigail has gotten really good at packing her own lunch every night and collecting all of her paraphernalia for school the next day so that it's all ready to go.  And she is SO good about practicing piano and doing her homework--she usually has hours of things to do every night, and while I frequently have to remind her to stay on task, she very rarely grumbles about it (and I totally would if I was her age and had other things I wanted to do!!)  And Luke, while he is inventive and mischievous, is still such a little endearing little cherub that I can't help kissing him a hundred times a day. I especially love the way he is prone to falling asleep in my arms when I sing to him before his nap.  None of my other children have done that, and we are so busy that I absolutely cherish the time every day when the two of us sit down together in the rocking chair and he snuggles up and stares at my face until his eyelids flutter shut (like his mother, he goes to sleep almost instantly if you stroke his hair!).

And I'm really, really grateful that the semester is almost over, and the grading that I have left is comparatively painless (key word: comparatively).  Hurray!! Almost a month of leisure before classes start again.

I'm sure that I could ramble on about other things that are only of interest to me, but I've finished cooling off from my run now and so I really should go shower and go to bed (plus my stress-induced eyelid twitching is starting again and I can't see the screen).


Elise said...

thank you so much for posting again! i have been checking religiously, and i was happy to see a post tonight! love you lots :)

Mary Beth said...

YAY A POST! I have been thinking about how I want to call you, but the only time I have free is after 5:30 my time and that seems like your crazy busy time. :(

So glad to hear the girls are thriving in school. Hope you and the boys feel better soon, and that your ultrasound shows the baby is doing well.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I can't wait for Christmas and to just have a break that last more then a long weekend :)

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