Thursday, November 01, 2012

Weekend in Nauvoo

Last weekend we met up with some dear friends from grad school in Nauvoo to attend the temple.  In retrospect, I am SO glad that we were getting together with them, because it was really neat to a) see them and b) go to the temple with Neil, rather than just trading off.  It was a pretty long weekend and I'm glad there were those bright spots!  (Not-so-bright spots:  Luke screamed almost every second that we were in the car--the picture above is one I snapped when we stopped to give everyone a respite from the yelling--and Juliet was carsick.  A lot.)  Also in retrospect, we probably should not have planned a trip the weekend after the half-marathon and the weekend that all of my midterm grading came in, but we had planned it so far in advance that I hadn't really considered those two things.  Oh well.  It was so fun to see friends!

When we very first arrived, Luke was going CRAZY finally being out of the car and just running laps through the Pioneer Living Center.  Then he found this sheep and I seriously thought he was never, ever, ever going to leave it.  He kept hugging it and climbing on it and talking to it and patting it and just standing in front of it and shrieking (very very loudly) in glee, and laughing, and shrieking some more.  I think the senior missionaries were not entirely sad to say goodbye to us.

Since Banshee Luke didn't want to sleep in the car, he and I took a slumber-stroll in the (very wintry!) autumn air while everyone else visited the bakery (one of the wonderful things about Luke is that he will sleep in his stroller quite easily).  I snapped this picture of the temple while we walked back and forth.

And this ends the pictures I took on the trip.  Can you believe it?  I didn't get a single picture of the kiddos with their friends.  Oh well...we'll just have to meet up again soon!
 One last shot...the day before we left, Luke was playing in the backyard and fell against the fence.  Poor baby.  Poor poor baby.  I had to pull splinters and raspberry thorns out of his cheek and hands.


Elise said...

so...Juliet now wears rope crowns?

Andrea said...

Sorry you guys got sick. Sounds like we were all exhausted. I finally went to the Dr. this week and had a sinus infection. :) However, it was worth getting to go the temple and seeing the kids faces light up when they saw each other! Good memories for all of us. Hope you can get rested up and I that you are feeling okay pregnancy-wise.

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