Wednesday, December 19, 2012

19 months

Somewhere in there I missed Luke's 18-month birthday (and technically his 19-month too, but only by a week, which I think is pretty good for my fourth munchkin).

Today Luke went into our room, climbed up somewhere, and put on this little Sunbeam hat that Neil had brought home to repair (Neil is the nursery leader in charge of snacks, stories, and songs, which is pretty much his dream calling--he has a rapt audience of small children who love listening to his funny voices [our nursery is huge so there's 3 classes of 15-20 kids each that rotate through three different classrooms]).  Luke knew exactly how darling he looked and he came in and smiled at me until I found the camera.

Luke is starting to get really into storytime--the other day I said something about "Let's go read now!" and he ran into the library, put the sheepskin on the floor, dumped two pillows on top of it, and plopped down expectantly.  He is SO happy whenever it's time for naps or bedtime, and if you say, "Lukey, do you want to go night-night?" he will start laughing like crazy, RUN into his room, and climb up the rocking chair waiting for me to come read Brown Bear Brown Bear and sing his sleepy-time songs ("Tender Shepherd" and Mindy Gledhill's "Hourglass").  He snuggles his head into me until I start stroking his hair and then about every one day out of three he falls asleep in my arms, just this happy little warm body so content to be loved.  He is the cutest little thing...

...but he is still tricksy!  He is very strong, very big (29 pounds and 34 inches tall), and very good at problem-solving.  I'm just going to copy my current Facebook status here (because I'm lazy like that):

Luke (19 months) never ceases to amaze me--today I watched him open the 'fridge by grabbing onto the handle and then swinging his body to the side while lifting his feet up so that the door swung open. That child takes after his father SO MUCH in his relentless ingenuity and determination to master mechanical problems (he can open the 'fridge, dryer, dishwasher, and oven, turn on every single fau
cet in the house in less than 90 seconds (including the kitchen sink), and open all of the interior doors). Two days ago he disassembled the burners on the stove and bent the connections out of shape so that Neil had to attack them with pliers in order to get it working again.

I think we have another engineer on our hands.

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Elise said...

i love your little reading corner :) i used to do that in my closet

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