Sunday, December 23, 2012

a whole lotta festive stuff

 So last Thursday the boys and I went to "help" with Abigail's winter party.  I say "help" because really, how much can one help with two little boys? (but her teacher told me three times that she would love for us to come on that day instead of our regular volunteer-in-the-classroom day, so...we came), and secondly, I was one of I KID YOU NOT thirteen parents, including five dads, so really...mostly all the parents just sat there talking to our kids.

In other words, it was really awesome.  Really.  Abigail was SO excited for us to come, and she was SO thrilled that both of the boys were there.  As soon as we came in, she ran over and started getting Isaac some fruit (I gave both of the boys a clementine right before we left and packed their favorite cashews & Craisins, but that didn't stop them from downing strawberries and blueberries at her party).  She pulled up the "comfy reading chair" for Isaac, asked her teacher if he could draw on the special big paper, etc.  She was so hospitable and it was so sweet.

 While the boys stuffed themselves with blueberries, Abigail and I worked on a bunch of fun cryptograms and word puzzles.  I was laughing because Juliet's kindergarten party was all about frosting and crafts, whereas Abigail's class was like "YES!  Word searches!!!"  These kids are so great and I love being in their classroom!

Midway through the party, we headed down to one of the gyms to play a bunch of fun games.  Abigail kept her arm around Isaac for all of the explanatory bits, and then held hands with him while they played dodge the snowball and two or three other games.  Again, so cute.  

And then we went over to Juliet's classroom to help out for a bit before it was time to take her home, and Isaac was just in heaven being with both of his sisters.  He was so mad at me when I said it was time to go and totally gave me this stinky little face the whole way out to the car.

I don't know who took this picture of Jules (the kids have been taking lots of pictures lately and there were literally 150 kid-photos on my camera when I sat down to upload tonight) but I love it!  It captures all the Christmas euphoria flooding through our house these days.
 And I'm pretty sure Abigail took this one...

So the other day I woke up and this face was looking at me (the kids have been getting Luke out of his crib on the weekends and then they all sort of roam around for awhile before they come in and wake us up.  It's actually really nice to sleep in a bit, although yesterday morning we got up and all four of them were sitting on the kitchen table eating these GIANT apples and Luke was wearing a Rapunzel dress).

On Saturday we went to the candy cane factory (a tradition that I love and will really miss when we move someday!) and the kiddies made their own candy canes.

And then we came home and tried to find something that everyone would eat for lunch post-candy canes, and Juliet decided that Luke should henceforth be known as The Yogurt King.

Tonight we decorated sugar cookies as a family.  It was hideously messy and SO MUCH FUN.  The kids had an absolute blast and I loved watching how intent they were on their little creations!

I thought Luke would mostly just roam around breaking cookies, and while he did a bit of that, for the most part he was very involved in spreading frosting on his cookies and carefully applying sprinkles with his chubby little fingers.

A close-up of one of Luke's masterpieces...
 Isaac kind of went to town with sprinkles.

I think the kids...maybe? ate one apiece, tops.  They were far too involved in the creating, and nobody started eating until after we had already gone to deliver some to friends.

 This is the plate the kids put together--oh so carefully, and with much thought and debate and choosing!!--for their little buddies.
 Jooj took about fifteen close-ups of various cookies...
 ...she really liked the "ornaments" on this one (we discovered tonight that Luke LOVES red-hots but none of the other kids can tolerate them).

We can hardly believe it's Christmas Eve tomorrow!  Our resident elves (Holly, Soot, and Mistletoe) began leaving missives on the fireplace today, which means the big day is drawing near!  It's been so much fun to watch the excitement and the magic through the eyes of our little folks this year.  I keep thinking to myself that as sad as I am to not be spending the holidays with my own sisters, I love watching my own children create these magical holiday memories with each other just as I did with my sisters.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful post and wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas!
Aunt Pam & Uncle Kevin

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