Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Announcing the winner of the gender tie...

...and it's a boy!  (We have really cute little boys in our family, don't we?)

Dear blogging world, can I tell you something?  I am absolutely absolutely thrilled that everything looked so good on the ultrasound today--both of the problems that the doctor was concerned about had resolved, which was absolutely marvelous news, and the baby is perfect.  Little outstretched hands waving at us and tiny kicking toes.

But it was not quite the news I was expecting.  I'm not sure why I was completely and utterly convinced that the baby was a girl (okay, I do know; the heartbeat for both of my girls was in the 160-170 range, and my boys were both in the 140-150 range, and this baby was in the faster range.  Plus I was much sicker with Luke and Isaac than I've been with this baby, or maybe all of the pain just blocked out the nausea).  Anyway, I was convinced that it was a girl.  I may even have thought about this baby, by name, because I was so sure.  And I had a girl name picked out that I really loved, and I kept trying to convince Neil that he loved it too (he was not in love with the name like I was).

So while I am thrilled, I am doing a little mental readjusting. What's really got me stressed--which is silly, but when you have to name someone and you can't think of a name you tend to fixate on it--is the fact that there are absolutely zero boy names that Neil and I can agree upon.  We had a really hard time with Luke's name and we were still debating it until we signed the birth certificate.

So consider this an official call-out for names!  As you can tell with our other children's names, we like names that are classic, but not super trendy.  Something that will "fit" with everyone else.  Please, please, please, because it is going to take us 20 weeks to agree on what to call our newest little darling.

(PS--I tracked Abigail down at her school today and surprised her in the hall on her way to lunch to tell her the news--she has been hoping for a baby brother and she was ECSTATIC!!!  So cute.  Jules was really excited as well, but Isaac's reaction was my favorite--he coolly announced to me that this baby's name was "Luke Two.")

Oh...and that girl name that I really loved?  Yeah, Neil told me this morning that he'd been teasing me and he was fine with it after all.  Stinker.  


Elise said...

yay!! i am so excited for you guys--and cool that you surprised Abigail at school! one of my favorite surprises that Mom gave me was when I was walking out to my car (the suburban) after school, and I saw, propped up on the steering wheel to greet me, a brand new pair of soft, warm gloves. She knew I needed some new gloves, and left them for me while I was at school! I was so happy :) After school surprises were always so much fun.

Jen said...

We have the exact opposite problem. We'd totally decided a boy name, and there weren't any boy parts to be found. Argh. Naming a person is hard. BUT I have ideas, so I'll email you. :)

Adrienne said...

Noah, Jonah, Liam, Carter.

And congrats. You inspire me

Melanie said...

Congratulations! I woke up this morning and thought of you! Girls are so lovely, but you have some of of the cutest boys I know... names... ugh. Good luck!

Audra said...

Benjamin, Samuel, Henry, William.
So what was the girl name?

queserasarah87 said...

have you heard of swistle? i would totally write her & ask her opinion. |(

for myself i think any classic boys name would go well with your current ones. If you wanted to stay with biblical: John, Christopher, Matthew, Noah, Jacob, James, Daniel, etc. (Is Juliet the only one not biblical?)

if not, I really like William (Liam), Ian & Eric.

queserasarah87 said...

forgot some: Theodore, Jacobi (Cobi).

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