Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"Famous Hot Chocolate"

 Today after school the girls were working on their Christmas gifts for their teachers.  One of the things they were putting together were some little hot chocolate packages.  I loved watching how intent they were on the process and how deliberate they were about making sure the ribbon curls were just long enough (and I loved Abigail's little instructions card!)

Sneaky little Isaac found out the hard way that unsweetened cocoa powder does not taste as good as it looks.

Our family's favorite hot chocolate recipe (originally from Martha Stewart):

Combine 3.5 c. sugar and 2 1/4 c. cocoa (dark is best!) with 1 T. salt.  Stir together well and store in a glass jar; when you're ready for some yumminess measure out 2 T. of mix per 8 oz of milk (whole is delicious if you have a toddler's supply on hand).  Enjoy!

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Elise said...

it is so crazy to me that your children are reading/writing! Abigail has beautiful handwriting! (tell her i said so!)

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