Sunday, December 09, 2012

Grumpy contest

This is the time of year when it seems like everyone (myself included) put up posts full of holiday cheer and joy.   And things are not always joyful.  In particular, since we have now had this stupid cold since the first week of NOVEMBER, there is a lot of grumping going on around here, especially since we haven't been going anywhere or interacting with anyone since we're like walking vectors (we did go to church today and it was easily the worst.behavior.ever.  As in I listened to the closing hymn sitting on the floor of the coat closet with a sulking Abigail by my side, and I said really good parenting things like, "Oh, come on.  I've seen you make way more angry faces than that.  Is that all you've got?").

So I sat down to upload photos once the kids were in bed (which means that they're fighting in their rooms rather than in the living room) and saw that mixed in with the happy-looking shots where I was saying, "OKAY EVERYONE SMILE NOW OR YOU WILL NEVER SEE COOKIES AGAIN" there were a lot of good grumpy ones.  Enough for a post, in fact.  So please indulge me and feel free to be thankful that these aren't your kids today.  :-)  

So the other day Isaac was throwing a tantrum and I just sat there and took pictures the whole time (which made him even more angry, of course!)

And a few nights ago we were making a gingerbread train and Luke was furious that nobody would let him eat it. (He threw an even bigger tantrum when we tried to take off his Rapunzel costume.  If the girls get to wear it, by golly he wants to wear it too!!)

Luke tantruming in the background...

...and the foreground.

And perhaps my very very favorite photo--we took the kids to the zoo on Saturday (which deserves its own post), and Abigail was absolutely irate whenever I asked her to smile (she was pretty cheery the rest of the day, she just did not want to have her picture taken).  I took a lot of pictures of the other kids all throughout the day and then finally insisted that she had to be in just one.  And this is what we ended up with.

Awesome, right?

And not to leave me out, I was sitting in the dolphin dome feeling irritated about the fact that the girls told Isaac it was full of sharks, NOT dolphins, and creepy/scary/frightening, and so he was terrified of the dolphins that he had been talking about  I think Isaac took this picture.  (On a grumpiness sidenote, this is the very first semester that I have not finished my grading the Saturday the semester wraps up.  Usually I set aside the whole day and finish it all in one shebang, but this has been easily the most difficult and stressful semester I've ever taught--confidentiality prevents me from saying more, but man oh man, I could not face that grading yet.  Hence the zoo trip.)

 And last but not least, the final photo of the night.  Look, kids!  Happy lights all over the zoo!  Please go smile together and look like you love each other and you're having a great time!

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Melanie said...

Ha! This is the time of year when I start bracing myself against the bloggy world because of all those happy holiday posts. Really?! No one else out there has days when they guilt-trip their kids into good behavior because the elves are watching and will tell Santa not to bring them any toys? These are my favorite posts of all- real life!

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