Sunday, December 30, 2012

Seemed like a good idea...

One of the things we wanted to do as a family over the holiday break was to take a quick little overnight trip to Chicago.  We go there every couple of months in order to attend the temple, which was the main goal of this trip, but we also wanted to have a little extra time so we could spend more time in the city.

Neil was unsure about whether we should go, since I had just started antibiotics for bronchitis the day before (sidenote:  I am so, so, so tired of being sick...I have been sick almost nonstop for 5 weeks and I am so tired of living in that dark pit where I'm too exhausted to do anything and the world seems like a horrible, dark, cruel place with no bright spots and nothing to live for), but I really hated to avoid yet another looked-forward-to activity based on my illness, so I said we should just go.

The drive up was pretty indicative of the rest of the trip--we sat in standstill traffic for a full hour (at which point I had Luke on my lap, since we were just sitting there with the engine off, and I tried to entertain him by taking pictures of the two of us, only to discovered that an unnamed child had snuck the camera into bed with them, taken 39 videos in the dark, and completely drained the brand-new battery).  Then we got to Chicago and discovered that the museum parking was full. Then we finally got into the Museum of Science and Industry and waited for an hour to get tickets (and, of course, all of the cool exhibits were sold out, which meant we had several tantrums from the unnamed child who wanted to go inside the U-boat).  Then we went around the museum with the other 15,000 (not exaggerating--I asked a guard) people who were there that day.  Isaac threw a huge tantrum when he couldn't see his favorite train and so Luke woke up after only 45 minutes of napping and the ensuing tantrum was spectacular beyond all belief!  (I did, however, manage to get enough camera juice to take a shot of Luke with the baby chicks.)

Not something I would recommend.  

We left early and drove to the hotel, got the kids settled, and then both Neil and I went to the temple that evening.  I can sum up how the night in the hotel room went by saying that the same unnamed child decided at 1 am that s/he was done sleeping and would rather read, and proceeded to turn on the lights to make this possible.  (I wish I could say that this was the only time it happened that night, but it was not.  And did I mention that I was really sick with bronchitis?)

Anyway...the next day was better.  We made a super-quick stop at Anthropologie to replace the bowls we've broken in the last six months, ate lunch at our favorite Thai place in Lincoln Park, and then went to the Peggy Notebaert museum in Lincoln Park, which we had never visited before and which was absolutely delightful.  There were only a handful of patrons and so despite the fact that it was many magnitudes smaller than the MOSI, it was much more enjoyable!


I don't really know why I'm bothering to log this post--maybe just for reality's sake, and perhaps to comfort anyone else whose glorious holiday plans haven't worked out quite right.  And also because I am desperately hoping that someday I have a really good relationship with all of my children, and when they struggle with their children and are convinced that they are the worst parent ever and that their children will hate them forever, they can look back on this post and think, hey, Mom thought the same thing.  (Or maybe they'll just think that they still feel the same way, but I hope not.)  And maybe someday I will be able to reread this and think how far my relationship with that unnamed child has progressed, and be grateful for the lessons that we have both learned in the process (please, oh please please please!)

Also, I really need to get better, because this is ridiculous.


Kayli said...

So sorry! That sounds awful. I hope you get better soon!

Elise said...

wow, Lukey's hair looks so long! He is looking all grown up!!

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