Sunday, December 09, 2012

The flip side of the last post

Here's the happy side!  Making the gingerbread train was fun, but apparently eating it was MUCH more fun.  

 Luke is so darling.  I can't get enough of him in his little pointy elf hat.

Unsurprisingly, Neil's wingspan is larger than that of the largest bat in the world (sorry, bats, he's 6'5".  You did your best).
 We spent a reeaaalllly long time at the tiger enclosure when we were at the zoo because the tiger was just pacing along the glass right next to the children.  Actually, this was far and away the most active I've ever seen any zoo animals--we hit the perfect combination of fairly mild temperatures (50s) and walking around just before dusk, so all of the big animals were out prowling around doing cool things like roaring and charging around.  (Even the rhinos, and they're usually just busy lying there giving off delicious odors!)

 I took about a thousand pictures but I'll spare you those.

 The reason we went to the zoo was to see the Christmas lights, which were actually pretty impressive.  This is the first time in the six years we've lived here that we've gone to see the zoo lights, and I learned a couple of things:

1) The zoo is almost empty up until about 5 o'clock.  This means it's a GREAT time to go scope out all the animals and spend forever staring at them all without anyone else around you.  Very relaxing and you can spend as long as you want looking at things without feeling like you need to move so that somebody else can see.

2) Once it gets dark there are about 1000 people and you will practically go insane trying to make sure that none of your children have wandered off in the dark.  We left just when most people were starting to arrive, so I would definitely recommend going earlier rather than later so that you can both see the exhibits AND check out the lights without things being too crazy (we arrived at 2:30, parked our kids for a picnic dinner at 6, went to the 6:30 dolphin show, and left around 7:15).  We went to the outdoor exhibits first and the indoor exhibits last--by the time we made it to Oceans around 5:30 pm, it was too packed to be fun.

3) The dolphin show is going to be crowded beyond all belief, so get there early.  We went in about 15-20 minutes early and snagged some of the very last visible seats.  I have no idea where the next 200 people sat, but they jammed themselves in somewhere.

4) If you work for the university, 25% discount!  Sweet!!  (Email me if you need the corporate access code.)

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Elise said...

I'm glad that there were positive moments to the fun! That's especially cool that all the big animals were awake. The picture of Juliet with walking with the tiger is pretty cool.

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