Friday, December 14, 2012

What we've been up to this week

 This duct-tape track is hands-down THE most impressive thing I have ever done as a mother, at least according to my children.  Producing endless meals/clean clothes/teaching them to read/use a fork/use the toilet/giving birth to all four of them?  Meh.

This track, however, elicited the following:  "Mommy!  Dis is dee most awesome thing I have ever seen in my  whole entire life!"  (Isaac) "Mommy!  You made that?  It is just so amazing and I love it!" (Jooj)  "Wow!  Is that a car track?  That's very impressive!  I want to play on it!" (Abigail, from the doorway as she was running in from school)

Apparently I've been trying too hard.

I snapped a few pictures over the last couple days of the daily-life variety.  Both the boys love love love to "help" bake.  This is the first time where the younger child has become interested before the older child lost interest.  It has created some interesting battles over chair space and who gets to lick what.  (Luke is also the first one to figure out how the KitchenAid stand mixer works at a very tender age.)

I thought he looked particularly impish here with his pear.  Rather like Peter Pan.

Or Davy Crockett.

Abigail has been taking piano lessons from a dear friend of mine since May.  She had her first recital (at a nursing home...hence the wheelchairs) this past week.  I was having a bit of a panic attack right before, when she coolly informed me that she didn't know where her music was but she had memorized it (Mary Beth, do you remember the recital where Mrs. Wilson's prize student Brian forgot the music which HE HAD COMPOSED mid-piece and never remembered it and finally had to take a very red-faced bow after multiple attempts to start again?).

Anyway, Abigail did absolutely beautifully and gave us lovely renditions of both "Silent Night" and Edvard Grieg's "Morning Mood."

Abigail and her teacher, whom we will miss a lot when she moves this winter!

Today I asked the boys to get the laundry out of the dryer.  Guess what?!  Luke is my first baby to do this.  Oh boy.  He can open the door up and get himself in.  Isaac is convinced that Luke can also let himself out after Isaac has shut the door.  This is not good.

One of the first things we do every day is to build a "nest" and read stories together (I'm at the point in my pregnancy where I have to sit on soft things or else my hips scream at me.  It's a side effect from running and I know it would be fine if I wasn't running, but...I like to run.  So we build nests).

 Jules took advantage of the nest later on in the day to listen to some of her favorite books on CD.  Doesn't she look so cozy?
 So...a week ago we were planning to be en route to Utah tomorrow, so that we could be there for my little sister's wedding and then spend Christmas with our families.  But as we got closer and closer to the actual departure date, both Neil and I started feeling really nervous and unsettled about it.  We finally decided not to go, which was an incredibly difficult decision to make and has caused us a lot of agonized second-guessing over the past week.

That second-guessing all stopped about 24 hours ago, because we had a grand total of 2 days where everyone in our family was over the croup...and not yet started on the stomach flu.

So basically I am really relieved that we are not driving across country tomorrow.  Still sad, but relieved.  (And Juliet is the one who snuggled Isaac up with all his lovies and gave him her very super-special Barbie laptop--a recent early Christmas gift from my grandparents--to keep him quiet and entertained in between bouts with the bowl.)
 And it's fireplace night time again!!!

 The photos above are blurry but I love the impressionist quality.  It seems very apt for Christmas.

Tonight Neil read stories to the children (he and I both got choked up at The Other Wise Man) and I sat there and thought about how lucky we are (and told Isaac to settle down and stay by his bowl).

 And knitted.  I've been doing a lot of knitting lately--it's so calming, but paradoxically a really good way to keep myself awake.  During the early months of my pregnancy it was SO hard for me to stay awake when I was reading to the children in the afternoon (it got even worse when Jules started reading and she was reading out loud to soothing to have her little voice murmuring next to me and the warmth of the children snuggled up to me), and I found that if I knitted while I read it solved the problem.  Good times.


Elise said...

it looks like you guys are making some good memories even though you're sick. and cool knitting! I'm impressed!

Mary Beth said...

What lovely photos and anecdotes. (I know Isaac throwing up isn't really lovely, but he does look adorable from the other side of the computer screen...)

Most of my memories of piano with Mrs. Wilson are of playing those little puzzle games while we waited for each other, and of her clawed hands forcing MY hands into very painful positions during the lessons. And the recitals were at the Art Museum, I remember that... Glad Abigail likes her teacher better. ;)

LOVE that picture of Luke with hi pear!

Anonymous said...

The tape roads are a great idea and fun. But be sure not to leave it down too long. I had masking tape down on new carpet in a Zandex building holding down plastic for 3+ days. The adhesive transferred to the carpet and we had to use lighter fluid to clean it off (wretched mess).

Hope you all feel better soon.

Love, dad

Melanie said...

Abigail did do a fantastic job at the recital! She has been a most delightful student.

And the dryer... yikes! Sounds just like something Adam would do... "But she likes it!"

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