Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Mad Face

So today Abigail had an audition for her new piano teacher (yes, I know).  She was a little droopy when she came home from school and told me that her head hurt.  I noticed that she had only eaten half her lunch and hadn't touched her waterbottle all day, so I figured it was a combination of hunger and dehydration.  I had her drink a bunch of water, eat a snack, and then we hopped in the car to go meet her teacher.

She started making all these miserable sad noises and shaking and then she fell asleep (on a five-minute drive).  So when we got to the teacher's studio, I explained the situation, we rescheduled for next week, and then I took my poor miserable child home.  (Jules has been on antibiotics for bronchitis for a couple of days, and Luke has been his usual ferociously snotty self; I was hoping Abigail's normal iron constitution would pull her through, but alas!)

I put Abigail to bed and then started making everyone else dinner, and I made Abigail some pistachio pudding because I felt so bad for her wretchedness.  Abigail slept through most of dinner, and then I woke her up at the very end and she ate a grapefruit, some broccoli, and the pudding.

Luke had eaten vast quantities of black-bean enchiladas, broccoli, and pudding, but this did not stop him from feeling like he deserved Abigail's pudding.  He was making the most horrible mad faces and so I pulled out the camera (which made him just yell and lose the great mad faces).  But then we all took turns doing our best mad faces, and here they are.

Oh wait...I typed this post while I was waiting for the photos to upload, and most of them are too blurry to be recognizable.  Oh well.  There's still Luke.  Now I'm going to get off the computer and go run because today was too busy to run earlier and I hate running at night, but that's the way the cookie crumbled today.

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Elise said...

so happy that Lukey is wearing that shirt :)

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