Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A post brought to you by Lap Luke

29 weeks last week and rounding the corner into 30 as I type this.  This baby simultaneously feels far away (end of semester!) but suddenly close (sleepless nights!)

I'm carrying this baby much lower than any of my previous pregnancies, something which I can probably chalk up to age and loosening muscles.  Kind of a sobering realization, but eh, whatever.  As I noticed when I was pregnant with Luke when he "dropped," it's much more comfortable to run this way (on a relative scale.  Running is still really hard right now, and I am slower than I was with Luke!)
I actually took these pictures right before a run at about 10 pm on Saturday night, which is why I look so tired.

 Last week Neil worked right around 65 hours, not counting his commute time (which actually adds up quite a bit since he comes home for dinner most nights).  I know this probably doesn't sound like much in the grand scheme of things, but it sure felt like a lot between my part-time job, 2 sick kids and one sick me, that whole pregnant-and-exhausted thing, etc.  We're hoping for more hours this week.

Anyway, Sundays are like the most blissful thing ever right now.  Neil and I both took a nap (the girls & Isaac were playing LEGOs and didn't want anything to do with us, so YES, naps!) and then we ate an early dinner and spent the evening playing Ticket to Ride with the kids and eating chocolate chip cookies.

Isaac got increasingly bored as the game went on, but the girls were WAY into it!

Luke had a bath afterwards because he thoroughly chocolated himself and draw all over his body with marker.

 I'm realizing that there are a lot of pictures of me looking pretty ragged in this post, but it was a good day, and I loved spending time with everyone all together.  It's all too rare these days and I'm so thankful for the times when it DOES happen!
 And now I'm off to persuade Isaac that since it's 9 am, he really DOES need to change out of his pajamas (not that I'm coming from a position of moral high ground in my old tech shirt and yoga pants).  Today is one of those lovely days where we have nothing scheduled, so we have no plans more elaborate than to spend our morning reading stories, playing with Lincoln Logs & trains, and doing yoga.  Yay!  (The afternoon/evening will be crazier, but the morning will be lovely!)


Anonymous said...

You look beautiful because you are naturally a very pretty woman! You look great with your baby bump! I'm so glad you have those fun family times playing games around your table. Your children will have wonderful memories of all the good times. Hugs to all of you!
Aunt Pam

Jolena said...

You do wear pregnancy well. I am slightly jealous of how "small" you look at 29 weeks. I realize that's totally relative, because you're pregnant and we all feel huge when we're pregnant, regardless of how we look. I'm not saying you're small but being that you're like 6 inches taller than me, you have a bit more room than I do to carry him. :) I also think it doesn't matter how you look to others, the discomforts of pregnancy are hard regardless. I carried Spencer super low and Genevieve more normal or a bit high. I'm not sure which is better. It's easier to breathe when they're low, that's for sure, but there are other positive things to carrying high. Regardless, I'm sure you'll be happier than anything when the next 10 weeks are gone and you've got him in your arms. And I can't wait to see another beautiful Neil/Rachael creation. You guys have a good mold going x5.

Elise said...

so so cute! i love those pictures of Lukey.

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