Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Abigail and the people who love her

 So I've been procrastinating putting up new Abigail posts because of one reason:  the pictures are in TERRIBLE order.  All of my photos these days are filed by year and month; back when Abigail was a baby I thought it would be a splendiferous idea if I named the photos something descriptive--which then alphabetized them--and then I got sick of that and so I just started randomly slotting them into alternate folders when the main folder got too big.  The ensuing chronological mess is kind of a nightmare.  (Plus there are thousands upon thousands of photos.)  Anyway, tonight I decided that I really should put up a post, and I was just going to put one up of tiny Abigail with people.

So above we have Abigail with my younger sisters Elise and Rosalind.  It was Rosalind's birthday, and it was 2005 so it was her...12th birthday?

And below is Abigail in the hospital with my sister Ruth, who flew out with my mom when Abigail was born.  If I recall correctly, Ruth was a senior in high school that spring.

My sister Mary Beth was a sophomore (I think?  Oh my goodness I am so terrible with these dates!) at BYU that year.  She also came to visit us in the hospital.

And here is my maternal grandfather (Edward, whom most people call Ed, but I have always called him Papa) holding Abigail for the first time.  I remember that he was very nervous about dropping her, but she was super happy to be with him, as you can see in the next photo!

I have so many photos of my grandmother Colleen making this face at my various babies.  I love it!  It correlates to this indrawn "oooh" noise that she makes too.  And the babies always seem to find it utterly fascinating.  (One of them...maybe Juliet? did go through a phase where she was not so sure what she thought about my grandmother's hair, which is the most pure, pristine, and beautiful white you've ever seen.)  Anyway, it's a face that I remember her making at my little sisters, so I always smile when I see her catching a newborn's attention using that same little trick.

And here is my sweet niece Mikal (Joshua's older sister) holding Abigail on the day of her blessing.  I have to tell you, Mikal is one of my favorite people in the world.  When Luke was blessed, she came to visit again and she would say things like, "Aunt Rachael, is it time to make dinner?  How can I help?  Would you like me to chop these onions or set the table?"  or "Aunt Rachael, would you like me to braid your hair or give you a back massage?" or I would heard the sounds of an impending small-child argument, look out into the backyard, and Mikal would already be there working out a solution to the dispute.  She is AMAZING.  And sadly, she is the lone representative from Neil's family in this set of photos.  I have quite a few photos with his family, but there are so many grandkids that they all turned out very blurry and I don't have any good clear shots!  His parents and younger sister came to visit us in the hospital the day after Abigail was born and I still vividly remember the delicious chocolate-packed trail mix his dad handed me right when they walked through the door...but sadly, apparently I was too occupied by the chocolate to take any photos.  :-(

This is just Abigail by herself.  She used to make this face in the bathtub and I almost died laughing every single time.

Another one of our hospital visitors was my dear friend and former roommate Jen.  Remember how Anne Shirley always talks about kindred spirits?  Jen is someone who is a kindred spirit of mine.  I'm always grateful for how the internet has made it easy for us to stay in touch with each other over years (plus that one awesome visit we had a few years back that was pretty perfect).

Here's Neil with our little Bug (as we almost exclusively called her for the first couple of years) all dressed up and ready to go home from the hospital.  The outfit that she is wearing was given to me by one of the composition courses I was teaching that semester at BYU.  I dearly loved that class.  They were such a great bunch!  One day near the end of the semester I came into class and they had come early and transformed our little classroom in the basement of the BNSN into a baby shower.  The whole class had chipped in for the decorations, the treats, and this really adorable little outfit from Baby Gap.  I was so, so, so touched.

My mom has come to take care of me with every single baby.  I was so incredibly especially grateful to have her there when Abigail was born, because I was completely clueless and overwhelmed (plus I couldn't even walk).  I remember one morning after a long night I finally dragged out of my room and she made me scrambled eggs with bacon and the most delicious strawberry smoothie, and I just sat there staring at the food and thinking how grateful I was for her loving presence.

My parents flew us home to Michigan for Abigail's first Christmas.  She had such a fabulous time being adored by all of her aunts!  (Some funny things I remember about that trip--I was really worried that Abigail wouldn't sleep away from her crib, so I packed up all her bumpers and her mobile and stuffed them in my suitcase so that she would feel at home.  And I bought the biggest thing of Cheerios I could possibly find to keep her happy on the flight!  So my luggage was primarily baby bedding and Cheerios.  Nice, huh?)

Abigail tears into her first present from the safety of Elise's lap...

...and it's a sleeper!  Elise must put it on Abigail immediately.

I love how happy Abigail looks in this photo with my dad.

And how ready to snuggle she is in this photo with my sisters.

I don't have many photos of myself with my children that I really love, but this is one of them.

When we lived in Provo, we had the great good fortune to share an apartment wall with our very closest friends, Kristin and Matthew.  This was very handy when we wanted to do things like bang loudly on the wall and say,"HEY GUYS!  WE'RE EATING DINNER!  WANT TO COME OVER?"  They were our very first visitors in the hospital (in the delivery room itself), Abigail's first babysitters, bought her first Halloween costume and baked her first birthday cake.  And she repaid all of their love by resetting their stereo alarm to wake them up at 2:30 AM every.single.time she was in their living room.  (Basically, she broke them in for the four children they have these days.)

And last but not least, a little family portrait.  Gosh, those were fun days.  


Elise said...

I'm wondering if I got that sleeper for Abigail, because I apparently was really excited for her to have it!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post!!!!!
Aunt Pam

Melanie said...

The ladybug costume! Love it! And only because I look exactly the same in my first-born child pictures, I have to say you look so young! Excited! Well rested! Ahh, the good old days...

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