Saturday, February 09, 2013


 This weekend Neil and I traded some late-night (after the kiddies were asleep) babysitting with another couple.  We decided to go mini-golfing at an indoor glow-in-the-dark place, which was quite entertaining and underscored the fact that I should never ever look at professional putting as a career.
(but look how freaky my teeth are in the black lights!  cool, right?)

My favorite part of the whole experience was when one of the employees was trying to make conversation with us and was like, "So, do you know if you're having a boy or a girl yet?  Is this your first baby?" and I said, "No, actually, it's our fifth," and he just gaped at us and started stuttering and it was funny.

My camera didn't fare very well with the lighting, but I still like this blurry shot of this handsome dude.

I wear running shoes pretty much 24/7.  I've never been much of a shoe person, but I used to make at least a token effort to wear outfit-appropriate shoes, but now that I have a gigantic pile of shoes that are too worn to wear for running (more than 600 miles) but are otherwise pristine-looking, I figure they should be used for something.

After we went mini-golfing, we went to one of those (overpriced) places where you can add all sorts of mix-ins to your yogurt and then pay by the ounce.  Very fun, but I think next time I'll just skip the yogurt and go for the raspberries, pecans, and brownie chunks.

On that note, a week ago I went to see my midwife (for the first time in 8 weeks...) and I had gained WAY more weight than I thought I should based on my other pregnancies, and I was totally freaking out and miserable and hating myself and started being hyper about every morsel of food I ate (which basically meant I was ravenous all the time).  Anyway, she mentioned that she thought their scale needed to be re-calibrated because everyone else she'd seen that morning had been shocked by their weight gain.  So when I took Luke to the pediatrician on Wednesday (because we are sick! again!) I weighed him on our scale when we got home, and it was dead-on with the pediatrician's scale, and then I weighed myself, and HAH!  Ten pounds less than the midwife's scale.
So I didn't really worry about piling in all those brownies and pecans (the M&Ms were a mistake because they got too cold).

Today we went to the elementary school carnival.  Around our house Luke's little backpack is called the "Monkey of Shame."  Its traditional use is for children who are running off in crowds and is kind of a last resort...except where Luke is concerned.  As we were getting into the car about 4 different people asked if we had the Monkey of Shame for Luke.
Jules all set to run the inflatable obstacle course...

So this was pretty cute--I was worried about whether Isaac would be able to do this on his own, and Abigail said she'd take care of him.  When she was up at the top of the climbing wall thingie, she noticed that Isaac hadn't quite figured out how to ascend it, so she dropped back down and gave him a little climbing lesson and waited to make sure he could get up before she went up again.

Sometimes I am really pleasantly surprised with how happy my children are with the smallest things.  We only purchased 25 tickets at the entrance, based on the ticket sellers telling us that most games were only 1-2 tickets, and I didn't bring any extra cash (just a single check, so once that was written, we were done).  The obstacle course took 12 tickets, leaving us with only 13 to spend, and we quickly realized that all of the really fun stuff was 4 tickets each and most of the rest was 2-3 tickets.  We opted to do some of the smaller games that gave out Dum-Dums as prizes, and while the kids spent a looong time debating how to spend their last two tickets, I didn't hear a single complaint or request for more tickets or an attempt to con a sibling out of their tickets.  Everyone was just content with their Dum-Dums and happy to see all of the exciting booths at the carnival without participating in the vast majority of them.  It was a good lesson for me.

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Fun times! Love the photos!
Aunt Pam

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