Saturday, February 23, 2013

pictures I took today

Today we went for a walk in our favorite woods, something which I have been longing to do for weeks, ever since the weather started to act like maybe someday it might be spring again.  This morning was perfect--warm enough to be comfortable but cold enough that it wasn't just a big puddle of slush.  I felt my heart and mind rejoicing as I watched the kids run ahead of us and I told Neil (for probably the thousandth time) that I am never happier with our family than when we are out hiking together.


Earlier today before our woods fun, Abigail and I slipped out for a few minutes and went over to join a Relief Society craft activity.  They had a dozen really cool crafts going on this morning for five hours--I only signed up for one because I knew I wouldn't have much time, but we got there right when it started and made a few hand-stamped necklaces like the ones from the Vintage Pearl that I've been craving for years (while Abigail tried to convince me to name the baby TODAY I just couldn't make up my mind, so we'll be adding that one I have a couple extra charms for future babies).

I was really happy with how the necklaces turned out (Abigail and I also made one for her and one for Jules) and it was so so so fun to hang out with Abigail.

Isaac still continues to be my darling handsome boy.

 The girls spent most of quiet time today in their room playing with LEGOs.  Isaac collected a handful of tiny yellow pieces to feed his chickens (he built a chicken coop and half a dozen LEGO chickens about a month ago and he is so protective of them!), stashed them in his pocket, and then made a giant nest out of all my bed pillows, which I'd thrown on the floor while I was changing the sheets.  He stayed there the entire time I was running and read stories to his bear--he told me that he was being its daddy and making sure that it was safe and happy.

And speaking of being happily engrossed in a pile of books, here is my Luke after his nap...

The girls started laughing whenever he did this cheesy grin and now he does it all.the.time.  It's the cutest thing ever.

Abigail reading her scriptures just before bedtime...

And really, I was just so in love with Neil tonight when I saw him vacuuming the floor with glitter filling his hair--he had been out in the garage helping Abigail finish up her model of the Eiffel Tower (the glitter was representative of the tower's lights at night and he had no idea that his head was also shining like a beacon).  Love, love, love that man.

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Meghan said...

A lovely record of lots of sweet moments.

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